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Big Boy T

I absolutely love this coaching staff! Coach Flo, Defensive an Offensive Coordinators, what a great Smart group of guys!! I’m good and happy to be moving forward with these guys and I will tell U all now, it most definitely will be better next year and for years moving forward with these guys, as long as we can keep them together!!! What a smart group of coaches, winning games next season is a given with these guys on staff. Look what they did with what most of our fans say, with nothing no talent! Just wait until they get more talent I say! Because they’ve went through all 83 of these guys looking and trying to find guy that R talented or with a little bit of coaching from them, will bring out the best within them! I’m confident this will happen. So let’s say they have found at least a low number 17 to 23 guys an a high number of 23 to 33 guys, from this years group to keep moving forward! With 14 draft picks, their is room for all of them to make and have an impact on next year’s team. So that would give U, using our low an high numbers a total of 37 to 47 players for next season. Now pick up 6 to 7 quality free agents(mostly offensive an defensive lineman) and their is a team full of talent! Now watch what this Hard Working, Smart coaching staff will be able to do with a roster like this; 7 to 9 wins will be a given and as the season moves forward and the players learn and get more comfortable, 10 or 11 wins, might be easily reachable, easily! Can U see the New Ruler of our conference! Watch what I’m telling U, so it will be a surprise when it happens!

Mike Pelligrino

Not impressed with this guy.

Shaggy Drummond

If they draft Tua on their first pick l give up on this ownership and management. They will TUAWAY my fan support. Get O Linemen.


This guy is a clown and worse than Matt Burke in a lot of ways. His answers are childish and he finds himself funny but can’t hear how dumb he sounds. He sounds like he is having an asthma attack and needs oxygen.

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