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Coach of the year!

Terrance McCray


michael m

This win could be the start of changing of the guard! This win bodes well for Dolphins future. Go Fins!!!

    Rich V

    The East will be ours once again. As Buffalo has improved they still have holes and won’t go far into this year’s playoffs. We will battle with them for the Division crown for years to come now. The Patriots dynasty is coming to an end.

    Fast Pony

    I’m thinking that there might finally be a slight crack in the Patriot’s armor. This game meant a whole lot to them and the Fins, who’re totally outmatched, matched the Pat’s intensity.

    Juan Valladares

    Fast Pony who’re is the dirtiest little contraction.

    erika garcia

    Juan Valladares lmfao

    Fast Pony

    @Juan Valladares True, and that’s why I love using it. Must’ve is another one. Lol.

william harmon


Edwin Adames

As long time Miami Dolphin fan this means a lot. Going up there and beating Pats is no easy task. Go Fins 🐬

    Fast Pony

    Could be a sign of things to come.

We Got Next

Next season will be a good one
Phins up 🐬🐬

    Richard Arroyo

    We just need to draft well key positions and we are there 2 lineman one dt qb maybe fromm running back corner saftey wr ✊✊✊🐬🐬🐬

Richard Arroyo

Fins baby props to my fellow fin fans for sticking it out the tried and true ✊✊✊🐬

Stack X

Miami finally has a real coach!!!! Coach of the year!

    John Hoke

    Coach of the year! Thanks Coach Flores for bringing dignity back to Miami

Thunder Alf

congrats coach flores

Richard Arroyo

Fits gets start nxt yr new qb sits and battles out for future with rosen

Karen Setzer

Fins Up 🐬Great win Coach Flores

Damien Lloyd

We just beat the Patriots at home!
27-24. Our future is bright dolphins fans!
Phinz up!

J Taylor

The Dolphins haven’t won in New England since 2008

War Renegade

The Future Starts Now! Fins Up!




Best coach since Don Shula!Β  We’re behind you and this team!Β  Fins up!

Dave Wetherell

Well Coached, Well Played! Congrats Dolphins!

Pete Martinez

Respect ✊ Flo Fins up 5-11 with this roster respect beat two play off teams eagles patriots fins up

Dwight Keller-Williams

flores getting emotional over the end of the press conference makes me feel like flores is heavily invested in the team moving forward, but he also is invested in the players that he had on the team this year.


Coach of the year baby!! ‘Phins up!

Fernanda Brito

Im a packer fan and im gonna say you guys never gave up this season! Even in bad days y’all kept fighting!
amazing win today! Good luck next season! 🐬β™₯️

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