Dolphins Live: Coach Flores meets with the media. – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

I don’t know about you but I can’t here A dam thing I think the dolphins need the fire their audio guy he always has low volume and screws up Constantly

    TW Bluff

    Beals007 definitely agree

    Shaggy Drummond

    That may be because he doesn’t have anything to say. What can he say. We suck.

stanley smith

after today’s loss to the Giants, Brian Flores has to go. Unbelievable loss to the the Giants today.

    Killer B

    stanley smith really? You’re funny…

Timmy Tom

Get Jamal Davis ready because our DE’s gives up the edge way too much

Killer B

This draft order determination sucks. So both washington and the giants beat us, we have the same record but they pick in front of us. That’s BS.

Shaggy Drummond

I know this sounds like a broken record. Miamis offensive line is PATHETIC. As far as I’m concerned they should get rid of everyone on that line. I know the Dolphins have alot of weaknesses. The secondary. Lack of a pass rush. Let’s face it. They need a whole new team. But they need to start with the offensive line. Unless they can get Joe Burrow they need to draft Andrew Thomas or Tristen Wilf. Or draft 1of the 2 and trade up to get the other.

    DeVaughn Currie


Shaggy Drummond

How can the Giants and Redskins draft ahead of Miami when they have the same record and both beat the Dolphins. That’s not right.

Mike Pelligrino

Ross/Grier/Flores will never turn this franchise around. They are all outmatched.

Mike Pelligrino

Nice half time adjustments coach. All year long.

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