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Nick Poverman

What is the over under for the Dolphins making the playoff over the next four years under Flores? I still do not think he is the answer. They went from 7-9 last year to 3-10 so far. Tell me how this is an improvement? I want results now. Enough of this rebuilding for the last 35 years. I am 54 years old and barley remember 1974 their last Super Bowl win. Also 1984 was their last appearance in the big game. Way too long of a drought. Also it’s been 18 years since they had a playoff win. Ross you are a terrible owner.

    Douchebag brigade

    so the team traded away all of there talent and they did worse does that not make sense?

    Querby metayer

    First year head coach, has nothing but scrubs to coach still have done a tremendous job with what he had to work with. Who do you suppose is the answer, Adam Gase? You should start rooting for the J.E.T.S!!!! BYE!!!

    Ryan T.

    Nick are you kidding me!? I love this guy, the coaching staff and the players who have stepped up and play hard for this team. Not the most talented roster obviously, but this locker room is has heart, perseverance and is resilient as heck! They will be better off for it moving forward as a result of this year too! I’m fired up about our future! If we get things right this year. I think we could very well be a playoff team next year already. If not, the following year for sure. Coach Flo and staff are the real deal and he is just as hungry to win as they are! Get it coach!! Fins up!!

    TW Bluff

    Nick Poverman you obviously don’t see what he’s doing and don’t watch the games. We have very very little talent. Winning with no talent is impressive and we’re rebuilding, building a dynasty. It doesn’t happen overnight.

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