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Coach of the year

Mike G

I love our coach! Defends his players, holds each one to the same standard, takes accountability. He’s going to be a good one, our dolphins are in good hands!

    Elio Levy

    Mike Getsexi!

    Mike G

    Elio Levy hahaha I wish I was him.

    Lorena Pimenta

    I luved the way Coach Flores ran out to the fields to yell at the referee at the end of the game…Adam Gase wouldn’t have done that!! Good riddance taco eyes….
    go Phins!!!


HERE WE COME 2020 !!!

Kevin Juice

I Love Coach Flo’s Energy 🔋 🐬 🆙


Did we see you imitate past head coach Sparano’s fist pump after a field goal?


Jets fan here and you guys have a helluva coach. Congrats ….

    Cody Routhier

    Sorry you have gase man

    F M

    @Cody Routhier

    Yea man Gase is a nightmare

Dave Wetherell

So refreshing to finally have a coach that has a heartbeat!

Piotr 75

This coach has 3rd stringers 18 rookies playing very well just wait until he has a little more talent through draft and free Agency!!! Can’t wait!

Mark Zareer

I love our team FINS UP ALL DAY!!!


Floyd “MONEY” Mayweather? If even just a little bit…

david sanders

“Ain’t no sunshiiiiiiiine in that hoooooome”

Kevin Clements

Is Bokamper like the onlyvreporter there ?

America Reigns

The Finz are great at pulling defeat from the jaws of VICTORY. 💩

stanley smith

The refs killed us with that ridiculous PI non call, then reviewed.

Mike Pelligrino

Grier’s Tannehill trade, Josh Rosen trade, and Minkah trade are all looking ridiculous! Minkah for the 24th pick? YIKES!


Keep at it coach!


Coach is pissed!

Tim Kreamer

Wise not to answer any questions about the refs, we all seen it and we are over it. We could have been better but I’m pleased for the most part now and where we are headed. We share your anger in this loss Flores!!! Also, what are we gonna do at QB, Fitz is obviously getting and increase/extension, can’t wait to see that unfold.


Flores look like he wanted to kill those refs….I like that fight in him

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