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Mike G

Thought Rosen played well today. So many mistakes with the dropped touchdown, the missed field goal, Drake’s fumble. There were at least 6 times he put a ball right in the receivers hands and they dropped it. Frustrating. Gotta help your Qb

    Dominic Dewolfe

    Mike G I agree brotha can’t win games like that Rosen looked like he could hold it down as the starter though

    Derrick Frazier

    Yea other then that I’m liking rosen everybody makes mistakes but the fumble and drops it’s just frustrating. Let’s see what rosen gives us


Teams headed in the right direction. We just need better execution. Playcalling seemed to get a little predictable, nothing like Gase last year, but if we executed, you wouldn’t even bring it up.

Youtube Only

Catch the dam ball again dropped passes WTF!!!!

    America Reigns

    Fck u!

Ronnie Nelson

I feel so sorry for coach Flores he’s so upset you can tell he really wants to win i hope the dolphins aren’t setting him up

    Stack X

    He’s pissed but he’s not throwing a fit, I like it. I really think they got it right hiring this guy.


    He’ll be the scapegoat like Steve Wilkes was with Cardinals.

    Nathaniel Williams

    @chase I’m afraid that could be so. I just hope it’s not the case! As a Pat’s fan, I really do feel for him.

    John Koch

    No they’re not setting him up it’s a rebuild plan. he’s not being judged until about his 3rd season in.

    Stack X

    chase I really don’t think so. Tannenbaum was the guy using scapegoats like Hickey. I think Ross really likes this guy and so far he’s been very supportive of the process. Ross would have to be pretty stupid not to see the improvement Flores is making with a pretty talentless roster, get him some real players and he’s gonna get us a Super Bowl.

Big Boy T

If U R A true an real Dolphin fan U have to be ok and feel better about the teams play today! We didn’t get embarrassed or shutout! Did Josh play ok for his 1st start, yes! Did the defense play better, yes; did the D get stops and cause them to punt, yes! Did we get any sacks, yes! Did they, Dallas score on every drive, but 1 or 2, NO! And this is one of the better teams in the league, in their house! We have a good coaching staff, smart, they will point out the short comings and get them corrected this week and the team will have a better showing next week and every week! Look missed FG, fumble in the red zone and a dropped TD pass and we got a competitive, close game!

Santi Tomlinson

This is why we should draft Jeudy or CeeDee lamb

Santi Tomlinson

Jeudy has great yards after the catch

Joseph Ferreira

Why didnt Flores challenge the onside kick, William’s TD? This guy seems overwhelmed, hes more of a coordinator not head coach


    They are rookies to. Continuous improvement.

    Joseph Ferreira

    @keyoke69 not good enough


    @Joseph Ferreira it wouldnt have been overturned. It was said on air by a replay guy, and Flores said he didnt challenge it because they didnt think there was enough to overturn. So, coach was right and you are wrong.


after 3 games they’re outscored 113-16

    America Reigns


America Reigns

Averaging 5 points a game! Great baseball team there dead dolphins.

Victor Sandoval

They have improved week by week. So that is a huge positive moving forward, for sure they aren’t giving up the fight. Offense showed a way better outing in this game with Josh Rosen in there. Every game snap is just going to make him better. He definitely sparked the offense to move the ball and the O-line showed big time improvment against a good defense. Stay positive! Go Dolphins!

rolando orellana

The new reciever coach sucks.

rolando orellana

The coaches sucks ..hire better assitants next season.

Robert young

Hang tough coach, stick with the plan, I think you are the man to get it done.


The Miami Dolphins should wear CYAN (Blue + Green) ,not Green colors

Anthony Torres

A lot of people say draft Tua, Jeudy, or some other top college skilled position players, but it you don’t improve and get the O-line in order, it doesn’t matter. No qb is going to make consistent throws with accuracy running for his life or being on his back!

Edwin Adames

We’re on full tank mode! It’s gonna be a long year.

Mike Pelligrino

The receivers stink but so does everything else on this laughingstock. The entire team and coaches should be fired they’re all incompetent. Who buys tickets to this trash?

Karen Setzer

Many dropped passes. Catching the ball can help the QB key on other aspects of the offense. Like getting the running game going too. Create the balance. Stay at it. Already some areas have improved.
We have to catch the ball 🏈
Go Dolphins 🐬

King Maha

Put me in the game coach

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