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Pete Martinez

Miami we have something to look forward too Sunday can’t wait fins up…
let rosen loose all game

Dolphins 2021🔥

Can’t wait to see Rosen not throw 3 into like Fitzpatrick


Ha ha… Fritz needs to show Miami that he can be a QB coach for young QB’s in order for Miami to keep his $5.5M per year salary for next several years. Rosen or not…Miami will have young QB’s. Don Strock!

Josey Wales

#FinsUP #Grind Keep working guys! Don’t let outside BS get inside that building. Fight. Work. Wins will come.

    Donald and Irene Young

    Totally with you Josey…bump the media! The Phins don’t even need to win this game…just score each quarter and show improvement in all three phases of the game while on the road! Great to hear from another Phin Fan…Phins up!

    Derrick Frazier

    @Donald and Irene Young Good is coming we have a whole season ahead of us and the next 2 years will be interesting. Let’s trust the process win or lose this year.

Bill Burns

Keep Working Coach! Nobody gets a free Ride Anymore!..

Shaggy Drummond

It doesn’t who the quarterback is lf our offensive line can’t block and protect Rosen it is going to be a long day. Miami still has a lot of talent on the team. But regardless ninety percent of the game is decided on the line of scrimmage. If our o line
Can give Rosen time And our offense can execute we just might have a chance.

Douchebag brigade

I can’t wait for Rosen this is Awesome.

Karen Setzer

Go Dolphins 🐬No way but up from here. Grind the gridiron 🏈

Ryan Minnis

Flores the GOAT- scape GOAT THAT IS LOL

We Got Next

Let’s go chosen Rosen phins up🐬

Chris Scars


Quentin Seals

Defense has to create sum turnovers!

Shaggy Drummond

I wish they never would have traded tunsil. God think how much better they would be if they had laremy tunsil and Trent Williams on the o line.


No one goes from Bottom to Over Night. We Shall get there with B-Flo as the General!!! Stay tuned Pessimist! #Phinzup

john malone

14 more games. 0-16 and players still wanting out. can we blame them!!!

Mike Pelligrino

Way too many scrubs on this “team”

Hermosa Beach Marketing

#fitz had so much swag on the bucs. dress him up like a latino… hahahahahaha

Hermosa Beach Marketing

put fitz in a convertible and pick up random bikinis…. its FTL and MIA for bikini’s sake.

John Welch

“um um um ” Tank’s coach.🙄

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