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Donald and Irene Young

Shaggy and Shattered…your assessment of a GM & HC after 8 months is unprecedented. Neither have had the opportunity to allow the season to completely play out. The facts are Stephen Ross has given both 5 years and we’re not even at year one! As a Dolphins Fan since 1969 I’ve seen it all…this is the absolute first time everything has been stripped from this team and the roster completely overhauled. They are building the offense for QB Josh Rosen, but you do not want to put your potential franchise QB behind the current O-line that needs continual coaching and building up (GM Grier…make another offer for T Trent Williams…you have the capital!). The defense is ahead of the offense but still need another shutdown corner (Hint, hint GM Chris Grier…go get CB Jalen Ramsey!), two defensive ends, and a space-eater at DT/NG. The team can only go up from here and they have the same exact record as the Tin Men (Steelers), Black Kitties (Panthers), Spotted Tabbies (Jaguars), Stripped Kitties (Bengals), Paper Planes (Jets), Mules (Broncos), Midgets (Giants), and Deadskins (Redskins). Trust the process this time…this won’t be a quick-fix where we’re staring at the same situation for the next five years. The trajectory is nothing but up from here…Phins up!

    Anthony Torres

    Dustin Klumpe, quick question, who or where would you like to see them spend their first three draft picks? Just a question.

    Dustin Klumpe

    @Anthony Torres should have kept tunsil. Ha ha . Just jazzing you. Not trying to drag that all back out again .

    Anthony Torres

    Dustin Klumpe, I wish they would have kept him, and a funny fact though, he’s given up three sacks in his only game so far.


    Donald and Irene Young Rosen is not the franchise QB and they are starting Rosen Sunday!

    Chris Scars

    Its a rebuild under the first year on a new coaching staff. Gotta trust the process.

Sharrod Ford

You need to get this team together

Pete Martinez

Throw in Rosen he got beat up last year and he’s still alive let the man play coach stop the bs

    Sports Life

    Pete Martinez it’s only week three man he’ll get his shot.

    Pete Martinez

    Sports Life shoot

    Andres Grimace

    Yeah i want Rosen to start too, but until they don’t improve a lot more the OL he won’t start. I think coaches want Fitztragic to retire because of an injury 😱 🤣

Shaggy Drummond

I wish Jimmy Johnson would come back to the dolphins for one year as a GM. I wonder what he could do with all these draft picks and all this salary cap room.

    Shutdown Corner


    Marky Mark

    Hell yessss!!!!!

Pete Martinez

Why isn’t Dan Marino running the dolphins as GM

    Mike Pelligrino

    Prolly cause he worked for the team years ago and quit after 8 days! Plus he’s never been a GM.

    E. O

    He was asked. He doesn’t want it, he has kids physical stuff and the current job that keep him very busy.

    Mike Pelligrino

    @E. O And what current job is that?

    E. O

    @Mike Pelligrino He’s part of the scouting team for the Dolphins.


Finally a coach that thinks before he speaks.

    Spaghetti and Meatballs

    What? He has to be able to think first before he can think! This coach is in WAY over his head. His inexperience along with hiring inexperienced assistant coaches is like the blind leading the blind.


    @Spaghetti and Meatballs that’s a bit hyperbolic. He’s doing ok. And he seems like he’s not in over his head. Only time will tell though. We’ll see how he does the next couple of years.


I am 3 minutes into this video. I don’t agree with him meaning the coach. After the performance of Eric Rowe I would immediately replace him with Fitzpatrick on corner. Pass rush. Look at Myles Garrett on well will he is in shape and look at his frame and explosiveness. Compare him to Wilkins and you see the love handles all over Wilkins and very slow coming off the ball.

    Corey Brown

    Damn.. Let tha man live🤦🏿


    Different positions dude, 4-3 DE vs 3-4 DE, he’s not meant to be under 300 lbs in our formation, they are essentially 2 DT and a NT in our formation. Garrett would be an OLB in our scheme, so you should compare Charles Harris to Garrett


For what I’ve seen in Rosen in these two games he quickly scans the field and finds the open receiver fast. He has a fast release and is not afraid to throw the ball more than 15 yards vs Fitzpatrick he looks as though he hesitates too throw to a open receiver. He does not give time to allow receivers to get separation. Rosen will throw the ball in the area where he anticipates the separation will occur. If you notice when he was playing he hit receivers that were wide open. That is because he anticipates where the Separation Will occure.


    No cap


As far as coach Flores stating that she would tell the truth and be honest I do not agree. The he denied when they were shopping tunsel and Kenny Stills. He denied that some players call their agents requesting trades. He denied that she was shopping Kiko Alonso. So for him to state that he tells the truth and he is honest is yet to be seen.

Gary Huang

Flores has a blind spot on his ability to build player relationship. Minkah was a big fail on week 1.

stanley smith

You got the team colors right baby and that’s what those sorry Cowgirls will be smelling like after the game baby!!!! We’re going 14-0 here on out, just watch and see. “Stanley” the damn Dolphins Fan, give me a “D” , give me an “O”, give me an “L” ,give a “P” , give me an “H” , give me an “I”, give me an “N” , give me an “S” !!!!!!! give me another “S” , we’re talking Super Bowl Baby !!!!!!!!, yeah baby !!!!!!

Fitz-Magic Baby !!!!!

    Andres Grimace


    Larry Mullen JR

    Go have another bud light 😆

    stanley smith

    Larry Mullen JR – I’ll take you up on that offer. Cheers !

Nick Poverman

Season ticket holders deserve a refund.

Mike Pelligrino

For players to want out and the team to look like garbage from week one is atrocious. Minkah and Clowney and Stills and Alonso were huge fails from Flores.

Andres Grimace

Can you journalists stop already with Minkah’s trade?
How can the coaches obligate a player to play for a team that he doesn’t wanna play for? His MOTHER and him demanded for a trade. End of the story.

James Waters

Scores of cold-cases linked to “the Tisch purge” have now been solved. To date, the perps remain free & clear with nary a care in the world – so far. Truth. Oh, and many of these now solved cold cases are from the Miami-Dade jurisdiction. Also truth.

Kevin Carr

Something is off about him. I don’t know what it is… but it smells fishy.


Stop meeting with the media and do more coaching

Shaggy Drummond

I will never approve of any team tanking. That is just as bad as players excepting brives to throw games. But if the management planed to tank why didn’t they do it in twenty twenty to get Trevor Lawrence. The dolphins had and technically still have a chance to do something special. Become the first NFL team to play a Superbowl on their home field.

Dominic Nolan

Why did the coach release stills, Tunsil Fitspatrick and Wake they were go players an You released them you Kony mother f**** they were go players

Marky Mark

If Miami drafts Tua, it tells me this guys nothing close to being a bill Belichik at all..Tua is not a Superbowl caliber type of quaterback to win multiple Superbowls with..

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