DK Metcalf Postgame Press Conference at Eagles | 2019 Seattle Seahawks – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

DK Metcalf Postgame Press Conference at Eagles | 2019 Seattle Seahawks

Hear from Seahawks wide receiver DK Metcalf following the Seahawks 17-9 victory over the Philadelphia Eagles at Lincoln Financial Field during the first week of playoffs.

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YaBoyzABeast SoDon’tTryMe

Bro that nesquick chain though. Haha. Ayy this man deserves rookie of the year.


    Be careful this man is about to get Nesquick bottles thrown at him like skittles 💀💀

    YaBoyzABeast SoDon’tTryMe

    MotorCityOctane hahaha


    @MotorCityOctane This guy 😂😂😂.

    Eric Maeder

    Them earnings too..but ayyy.. He can wear em tho

    Minecrafters 2017

    He should be but Kyler will probably get it

Cristian Pena

What did Marshawn Lynch really tell him tho 🤔🤨 😂

    Slippery Simon

    Cristian Pena it’s top secret 🤫🤫🤫

    Matthew Pettit

    Probably something to do with skittles and Hennessy lol GO HAWKS


S/O Nesquik for keeping our boy playing like a MOSTER! Go Hawks!

    Susan Martin

    Love his tshirt



Nick King Televised

Can’t run routes. 9th receiver picked. Mediocre they said. DEEEKAAAAY!

    Jason O.S.



    Just like they said Lamar couldn’t be a QB, Now look… MVP!


    mkellsoo24 wait I thought he was a halfback ????????

    MJP Trickshots

    Nick King Televised he can run routes

    Ya boi JJ

    Nick King Televised go hawks baby deeeeeekaaaaaayyyy!!!!!

Mohamed El hadj sidi

Watch him turn into a hall of fame receiver

Jesus Peres

dude is a beast proving everyone who called him a bust wrong … hidden gem of the draft

    Susan Martin

    We’ve been excited about him from draft day on!!!

    Susan Martin

    Oh but I just caught his shirt!! Abby Road yeesss!!

    Jesus Peres

    @Susan Martin you caught his shirt? .. that’s awesome 😎

    Mike Nelson

    He had gnarly fumble issues during the season which was why he was being questioned and lost touches to Lockett 🤷🏼‍♂️

    Instigate The Millenium

    I dont see how you can call a rookie a bust.

William Estevez

I like that he said Russ told him to attack every ball and don’t let it come down, he getting that mindset instilled dayumn watch out!

    Eric Ciriano

    Yea unlike dumbass ricardo lockette in the SB.

Jason O.S.

so…a 74th pick threw a TD to a 64 pick in the playoffs and people think coach and GM are dumb?? wha??
maybe water is not wet.


    Yeah, Malik McDowell was sure great out there, along with 1st round pick Ifedi…

    Jacob Miles

    Fizzgig Malik got so excited about the game he decided to get into an ATV accident and go to jail!😅 he had a blast!

    Josh Anderson

    Water isn’t wet

    Dan 0

    Jason O.S. 75th overall pick.

Brian Fantana

Bet we see him in Nesquick ads soon.

    Dillon Buckingham

    He already has lol

    Dillon Buckingham

    Brian Fantana

    @Dillon Buckingham Haha what the hell!

    Eric Maeder

    Hes marketing

Dan Stevens

Metcalf reminds me of Andre Johnson


    DK is Calvin Johnson 2.0

    John Stone

    Calvin Johnson was Megatron
    DK Metcalf is Galvatron !

    Matthew Pettit

    @John Stone what does that make Tyler Bumbelbee. Short dude got skills

    Eric Maeder

    Ur right.he does!!

    Mark Huber

    He does. I been saying T.O or Joey Galloway with better attitude.

MGD717 Da-oreo

Metcalf comes off his game of the year, now let’s go and put some fear in the packers


just stay healthy and you will be in HOF.

    Robert Klebe

    Calm down my dude, he has to beat out doggie. Wait a while, let him pass dougie first please

Solar Spade

Personally if I was a packer, I’d be scared

    Puppygod Yt

    Robert Klebe Green Bay sucks bro they really almost lost to. The lions. What are u afraid of

    Werdna Swag

    if u look at green bays season they havent really beat anyone good except the chiefs and vikings, but lost to bad teams. this is kinda similar how to our season went tho🤔

Jesse James

These guys asking some terrible questions they should know the answers too.


shoulda put 3 cones out on the field

Delshawn Staten

Metcalf is a monster he’s only a rookie he’s gonna get better that’s scary for the league


You can see Russell’s attitude rubbing off on the younger teammates, that’s a good thing.

C. Bumbo

DK in Beatles shirt = Just a “Pedestrian” WR

    Steve Starr

    I never understood why people have made that comment about any of the Hawk receivers being pedestrian. They were in a run first offense and what should people expect of them not having yards in passing. But the yards they did get were phenomenal. They won games from Dangeruss passes.


He’s just gettin started too……not even in his prime yet lol

Michael Kelly

DK is having a good time and living the dream. Gonna cost a mint to keep him in a few years at this rate

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