Devonta Freeman | 2019 Season Highlights – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Devonta Freeman | 2019 Season Highlights

Check out highlights from Devonta Freeman during the 2019 season.

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Raymond Elder

Here before the “Didn’t know he played this year” comments lol

Nick Harris

Short video 👀

Falcon WTF


    empireone :P

    Galcons? Wow i didnt know we changed our names too /s

Alex Ziemer


alejandro ruiz

lol what highlights

D C 3

No disrespect to freeman but our backup rb Brian Hill had more highlights than Freeman this year. Simple. I always liked Freeman as a rb but we need fresh legs. (Should’ve kept Coleman instead of tagging Beasley tbh)

    Kiara Monee

    D C 3 Coleman became a free agent Nd the 49ers took him

    D C 3

    Kiara Monee I know but what I’m saying is basically sign Coleman in free agency with Beasley’s 5th year option money. I rather sign somebody that performed better the year before and improving than somebody that goes MIA and is going backwards in the system.

    Cracker-Barrel:Kid 55

    D C 3 that would be beyond retarted to tag 2 running backs.
    I’m so glad nobody from the comment section works at the Falcons front office

    D C 3

    Cracker-Barrel:Kid 55 Coleman wouldn’t be tag. What are talking about? He was signed to SF for 8.5mil for 2years. Compared to 12.8 mil wasted last year with Beasley.

Ben Solo

It’s actually soo sad when w highlight video can’t even hit one minute. Freeman needs to go. Draft D. Swift, Jonathan Taylor, or J.K. Dobbins

    Cracker-Barrel:Kid 55

    Ben Solo we already have running backs. We need pass rushers, dumbass

TheReal President2016

Yet another terrible highlight video. Shows 5 plays over a song. You guys need to do some work or hire someone who can put together a highlight video that lasts more than 45 seconds

    chris bobo

    He has no highlights

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