Devon Kennard 2019 Highlights | Detroit Lions – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Shaun Edmonds Reply

Me as a lions fan can say he is a beast

    Mark G. Reply

    He’s a decent player, but the Lions have a clown head coach.

    Torality Reply

    honestly we have a top 5 linebacking core

    Shaun Edmonds Reply

    @Torality if you mean lions then I’m with you 100%

World of Walsh Reply

Super underrated

Daniel Lopez Reply

As a bears fan I can’t wait til lions and bears are top dogs in the north!

Demitrius Knight Reply


Bodie Sensei Reply

Pay that man !

    Brandon Fairse Reply

    They gave him a nice contract lol

    Bodie Sensei Reply

    @Brandon Fairse when was this


Devon Kennard is such a beast man its crazy

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