DeShon Elliott: I Will Make My Plays | Baltimore Ravens – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

DeShon Elliott: I Will Make My Plays | Baltimore Ravens

Ravens safety DeShon Elliott talks about waiting for his turn, his chemistry with Chuck Clark and the mentors he learned from.

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Justin Parnell Reply

We have faith in his talent its his durability that scares us

    RIP Kobe Reply

    Exactly if he plays I’m pretty sure he’ll be a dog but that’s if he stays on the field

Barz of Soap Reply

9 picks this season 🤫

    John Nguyen Reply

    Let’s make it 10

    Childish Hipster Reply

    About 6

killer penguin Reply

Liking his attitude. Kinda like a yin and yang with him and Clark lol

ton2slimeyy Reply

He will be at top ten safety mark my word!!

    Fat Jimmie Reply

    What makes you so confident?

    Nightmare Kilo Reply

    Fat Jimmie Kuz the ravens have always been known for their defense

    Militant Minded Reply


    Fat Jimmie Reply

    Ok I understand

Lion Thomas Reply

I hope the kid can play a whole season

Jay Dubb Reply

He got a defensive mentality.. i jus know he’s a bully .. in a good way lol

Sam Dath Reply

I hope deshon plays up to the point where we can act like earl thomas never happened

    matrixphijr Reply

    His name’s literally in the title, dude. How can you misspell it?

Cj Welch Reply

I love his confidence … hope young man can stay healthy. Was super upset over the Earl release but I won’t question our moves. The only move we have made that really didn’t make sense was paying Jacoby over Boldin lol

Sensei Erb Reply

we’ve been waiting too long fam! it’s are time now mane hope everyone stays healthy 😈

Oncsimus Shakur Reply

DE sound like he ready to play, I apologize, i douted we had a replacement @FS. GO RAVENS!!

juan gotti Reply

I’m hoping he balls out but I’m not going to act like I know for sure he’s gonna be great. I’ll just humbly watch .

Andre Darden Reply

We believe in you Deshon. Show out this season and stay healthy.

Ben1024 Reply

As long as DeShon can stay healthy hes a dawg

HScott410_ Reply

Lets go DE, I met him downtown Baltimore walking his dogs ill never forget lol

Quan Da Don Reply

Deshon Elliot a dog frfr I hope you make everyone forget about Earl Thomas go out there and ball out my boy I’m behind you 💯 percent

Jewpac Reply

I think he’s actually a better safety than Earl Thomas at this step of his career! Especially considering that just like Chuck Clark they hasd to pay their dues, earn their way, and the fact that our two safeties are best friends sure as hell can’t make anything worse! I’m kinda glad Earl’s gone, I never felt like he was a team first guy here in Bmore and DEFINITELY proved he wasn’t up there in Seattle!

Joe George Reply

“Chucks my dawg I ride for chuck win or lose I always ride for chuck” love that man praying for a good season for you just stay healthy

samsar0125 Reply

ET really didn’t stand out last year, he looked slow and stiff to me.
I hope our young safeties can tear it up this season.

DSR gilley Reply

He’s gonna be a key player

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