Deshaun Watson: We’ll keep fighting || Houston Texans Wild Card Victory – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Klean Luda

Imagine if the Texans had a actual o line we would win the super bowl

    Yeelicious -

    Klean Luda I wish the Texans had an offensive line and an intelligent head coach coming from a Vikings fan.


    *Coaching Staff. Fixed it for you

    Vincent Vaughan

    It is possible The titans need to win against the ravens so that the texans can win against the chiefs possibly the titans the Texans could win the super bowl one step at the time.

Clayton Cragan

That game was unbelievable! Guess what in the cfp as well if u remember the Clemson Tigers were down 16-0 against the Buckeyes in a lose and ur done game, and came back and won, now Texans do the same, how ironic and amazing! I love Watson, love he came from Clemson and love my MF Texans!!!

M Shine

Despite garbage play calling by Obrien holding his team back Watson really put his team on his back from running to TD to escaping sacks for big plays and TDs and proved he’s a true superstar being he doesn’t have to have great coaching or perfect scenarios to win he’s just a WINNER. Much Respect to him and the 🤘!

    D M

    He needs to be fired can only imagine how Watson would be with a good coach

    M Shine

    @D M You’re absolutely correct. We saw what this supposed “offensive qb guru” Bob has done without Watson who got his job off “coaching”…4-12 and one and one of the lowest scoring offense by points and yards the two seasons he went 9-7. Imagine him with a Bruce Arians, Andy Reid, heck even Kubiak made QBs better than what they were from Keenum, Yates, to Schaub all the other guys have done more with less talented qbs and GREAT when they got Talented Qbs but BOB!

JayDub Wasted

Thanks for the shout out #DW4
We love our city and everybody in it


I’m sorry if I should know this, but who is on his shirt?

Boogaloo Shrimp

It was like a magic trick.. Cray Cray

Percy C. Payne

And so the “great brain trust” of the Chicago Bears PASSED ON THIS GUY??? AND MAHOMES??? But TRADED UP in the same NFL Draft for WHO??? YIKES! THAT SHOULD BE A FIREABLE OFFENSE! Evidently GM Pace, the Chicago Bear management or OWNERSHIP DID’NT WANT NO BLACK FACE to be THE FACE OF THEIR Franchise… SAD… VERY SAD…

    Corey Oden

    True. Some teams would sacrifice winning just to keep with the status quo.

The Dude Abides

We need Gary Kubiak back


All we gotta do is beat the cheifs then probably the ravens and we in super bowl 54. Lets get this deshaun watson magic on for two more games!

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