Derwin James and Chargers Answer Fan Submitted Video Questions, “Check the film!” | Dear JackBoyz – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Next year boys. Next years.

Ryan Guzman

Lesssss go!!!

Jeremy B

Nice game yesterday..
keep up the pod casts and stay away from game film




    yoooo. CHIIILLL hahaha

    Tre Giangreco


Kamikaze Uzi

Aye man, this just wasn’t our year. Will comeback harder next year

    Riley Fields

    We always say that bruh 😂


It’s almost 2020 and Desmond really wears his hat like that

Ice Man

So Melvin gordan going to the buffalo bills

    Ice Man

    Is he


Glad we got these guys and not the clowns Mikey and Jenkins (not phillips)

Steven Suro


Noah Poppin

CLIPPERS all the way
Desmond is my guy
Casey and Derwin don’t know what they are talking about

CharGers BaBy

LEBRON JAMES🐐 🤣LaKers All Day BaBy💜💛

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