Derrick Nnadi Mic’d Up ‘Some Magic About to Happen’ | Kansas City Chiefs – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Fun Chiefs

Let’s go Nnandi
Let’s go chiefs

Bonnie Keough


Joshua Fausset

They are the best defense in the league if you only look at the last five weeks. Playoffs are what count. We shall see. I believe the defense will prove they are the best.

Ahmy B

Is nnadi our 3rd rounder?

    Keaden Wheeler

    He was a 2 rounder

    Bob Powers

    Saunders was our 3rd rounder this year. Nnadi was our 3rd rounder last year.


Should definitely mic up Suggs this weekend! Go Chiefs!


I’m diggin’ this defense with Nhadi and Saunders in the middle. #RunStoppers!

samson gersing

2 pit bulls Nadi,& Saunders, love this defense,

Po Tato

that belly rub is everything!

    darkc sider

    Po Tato lol

Cody Leonard

I got to meet Nnadi at a Norfolk Sports club event and he is a true class act.

eric siggins

That’s a beefy dude

Taryn St. clair

Defense December💅🙏

Devin Jones

🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥We Hungry Main….

Nefi Armendariz

People are sleeping on the Chiefs.

People think the Ravens are Superbowl contenders, people are wrong. Let’s go Chiefs!

Ozark Ed

So they mic’d up the only guy on the field who doesn’t talk?

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