Derek Carr Reacts to Trent Brown & Rodney Hudson’s Pro Bowl Selections | Raiders – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Derek Carr Reacts to Trent Brown & Rodney Hudson’s Pro Bowl Selections | Raiders

Quarterback Derek Carr discusses facing the Chargers’ defense, running back depth, wide receiver Hunter Renfrow, and more.

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Denilson Perez

Wow josh Jacobs wasn’t selected to the pro bowl ?


    @jr Waller is an alternative

    England is my CITY

    @OnlineBeast05 they both are with Richie and ingold

    Jesus Magana

    England is my CITY Incognito deserves to be there

    England is my CITY


    Joshua scott

    The nfl hating again

Daniel K

No Josh Jacobs in the Pro Bowl?

    England is my CITY

    He is an alternative but he should have been a starter

    Benny Renaissance

    He’s an alternate selection just like Waller. So yes but no.


    The pro bowl is meaningless now, it’s not played after the super bowl and it’s in rainy shitty Orlando. No chance Mark Ingram is better than Jacobs it’s laughable.

    Benny Renaissance

    @HughJass True on Jacob’s but not meaningless. Especially when it comes to QB’s. If your QB and you’ve made multiple pro bowls in the NFL you’re top tier talent.

    Tyger King of kings

    The NFL is corrupted.💯


Carr seems really sad, like he knows his time very well might be over

    Sam Gallo

    @HughJass I think we can Jordan Love in the 3rd

    Tyger King of kings


    Tyger King of kings

    @HughJass Facts, not to mention Lamar Jackson.

    Tyger King of kings

    @Benny Renaissance Is always something with you ignorant delusional fanboys. If is not one thing is another. The fact is Carr is sorry. Deal with it and stop being in denial.

    Tyger King of kings

    @Benny Renaissance Wow, is sad to see how stupid you are. Have you even seen Carr play in the last 5 years? You mean to tell me that in 5 years we haven’t had good WR’s? Get real fanboy. Smh🤣🤣🤣

John Trump

6 years of watching Carr fall short and never shine should be enough to let Raiders brass know he will never be the man.

    England is my CITY

    3 pro bowls

    Jesus Magana

    England is my CITY as an alternate except for one

    F Collins

    Fall short ? Second round pick rookie year we trash he wasn’t even supposed to start..second year 7-9 pro bowl 30+ TDS …3rd year 12-3 all him too tht d was terrible…then tha whole team fell apart 2017 n raiders restart again wit Gruden realistic

    Joshua scott

    @England is my CITY i thought it was 2

GOlden St8

Idk why they interview him .. such a waste of time , it’s not like that’s going to change our record

Erick the Laker/Raiders fan


stu3Dio Renderings

with 2:05 left on the clock,Oakland up 16-13, Derek Carr slides down before going out of bounds, after running for a first down… IF the NFL doesn’t have it in for the Raiders, the clock ticks down to the two minute warning… 1st and 10 at the Jax 31 yard line… Oakland runs for no gain, 2nd and 10 at the Jags 31 yard line, Jags take their final time-out. 1:55 left on the clock, 2nd and 10, Oakland runs for no gain, clock runs down to 1:15. 3rd and 10 at the Jags 31, run for no gain, clock runs down to :35 seconds left… 4th and 10, Oakland misses the field goal and there’s LESS THAN 30 seconds left in the game!! Does Jacksonville score a TD in those 25-30 seconds in the last game ever in Oakland? I don’t think so. Thanks a lot NFL and your zebra association… you royally screwed one of the best NFL fan bases in the last game ever in their stadium.

Fitter Krueger

Trust me I WANT DC to be great, as a person hes a good dude, but being a good dude won’t win games, i would never question a mans religion but hes to much of a “good boy” we need killer mentality, believe in god he will make you great, but On field be the worst nightmare, this is the RAIDERS not the “Nice Guys” wish this man could get it done cmon Carr

    FoeReaper 4000

    Im sure that bullshit call lit a fire under him. I expect a Carr with gas for the whole game.


Good interview ,,,, on Carr answer question on his fellow teammates , selected to the pro bowl 👍🏼, but bruh it’s clearly your unhappy about it 😂😂 the look on your face is priceless , knowing he’s not one of the guys who didn’t get selected for the upcoming pro bowl , bruh goes to show!! your a class act , no one cares on how you feel cuz losing is what we as fans have been feeling for almost 2 decades , your done .

Jose Valdez

2nd in NFL in penalties yards
30th in defense
30th in defense turnovers
only having 1 players with 400yd with YAC (Waller) when other teams have multiple players with 300 yards after the catch. What QB can win with that?
I will throw Carr under the bus when he’s losing games when he has a top 10 defense and or excellent WR core. We seen what he can do with good talent the raiders need to get him that.
Look at these other QB who have true talent around them and there fight for a playoff spot.

    Jose Valdez

    Francisco Navarro yeah I will be piss too when people say I need to lose my job and livelihood. When this guy is stepping on the field risking his life trying his best. Coming back early from a back injury. Helping this team to the playoffs in 14 years and watch the gods of (cooper and Mack) get shut out in the first round. Who are we to say he needs to be fired. What has he done besides try his best with a dysfunctional organization. This man is human. He’s not calling out his teammates or teammates calling him out.

    Jose Valdez

    Francisco Navarro name a QB that can do better with this team. I know a lot of team if Carr was on he would be playing a lot better.

    Jose Valdez

    Francisco Navarro since 1993 there’s only be 3 teams to win a super bowl with a defense ranking out of the top 15. The lowest ranking defense was the colts at 28th. Payton Manning who had- Reggie Wayne and Marvin Harrison . So Carr is either going to need at top 15 defense or a hall of fame WR core to succeed. That’s statistical fact.

    cecil kozuh

    @Francisco Navarro even when we win he talks about being with his family 😂 wtf you talking about.

    cecil kozuh

    @Francisco Navarro what’s he supposed to say ? When you guys booed Minshew it destroyed my soul. I was devastated that we got robbed. You just keep playing man. Nothing you can do except move on.

Joshua scott

Hudson gave up couple sacks this season yet he makes the pro bowl but not richie😂😂😂😂

    Edgar Velazquez

    Joshua scott ma dude I said that same exact thing 2 minutes before I saw your comment

    Mike Muffler

    Hudson is one of the best in the league.
    Dude is top tier.

    Joshua scott

    @Mike Muffler yea ik byt after that ankle injury he wasnt the same i womder why richie or waller didnt make iy

    Joshua scott

    @Edgar Velazquez xD

James Belkin

Dude is frustrated, he’s been a little stand-offish lately.

    Mike Muffler

    Why is he frustrated? Injuries?

    Joe Fuelling

    Lol I’d be pretty irritated with reporters asking about turnover when he’s gone through more with coaches, players, & playbooks in 5 years than most do in multiple careers.

Mista Man

He lacks confidence, that’s contagious…

Robert Chambers

I’ve never seen a q.b. get hurt and be crying like a lil b#$ch! Go watch the times D.C. got injured and watch him cry like a baby! This is the toughness you guys want in your quarterback?

    Jose Perales

    Lots of players have cried on the field, Carr teared up because he had back fracture. Luke Kuechly is one of the toughest players in the league and he was sobbing like a baby in 2016.


Derek knows he sucks and he is going to be gone. if not cut or traded, 2nd string because he takes absolutely no chances. When he does, its a huge miss or a pick because he hesitates. Im done with Dewek, tired of seeing him cry and tired of him getting mad at his receivers.


And extremely tired of him saying “awesome.”

Lynard Sallie

I really think he dnt want to play football mentality anymore he just cant take criticism and lacks confeidence. And he should retire because not make the players around him better

    Alex Carbajal

    Yeah u should play let’s see what u got


Well you know it’s awesome and I’ve been here for 6 years you know.

myers •

There’s some slimey raider fans out there an it shows

King Savage

Jalen hurts Jalen hurts

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