Derek Carr Postgame Presser – 12.15.19 | Raiders – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Derek Carr Postgame Presser – 12.15.19 | Raiders

Quarterback Derek Carr addresses the media following the Week 15 matchup against the Jacksonville Jaguars at the Coliseum.

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L M32

Yall let the town down🤦‍♂️

    L M32

    @Low Key Evoh yea he is he can run and he can throw big arm, we need a mobil qb

    Sukhraj Garcha

    L M32 lmao u a clown if u think QB is our most important need

    L M32

    @Sukhraj Garcha this dude makes rookie mistakes how you justify that? Clown, learn football and then we talk you couch coach

    Tyler Size

    @L M32 TRUE

    Hustla Jones Tarot

    Sukhraj Garcha these cats don’t truly overstand the game bro they truly fan boys that’s it. They call check downs rookie mistakes or ints from WRs doing the wrong routes Carr’s fault, he slid today to make clock continue to run SMART PLAY a rookie mistake, they cry for him to run the ball more on broken plays when 80% of our pass plays break down really??? They want to draft a QB but can’t see we need a high pick WR or other more needed players. Jax went full field twice but I guess Carr on defense and we don’t need high picks on defense over QB it’s always Carr Carr Carr not A lack luster defense Paul Gunther puts on the field every week that never worked in Cincinnati but is still trying to run the same thing in Oakland who runs a zero coverage blitz on the goal line leaving CBs who can’t really cover solo besides Mullen. No help 0 blitz??? Then we went and got Joyner who the Rams didn’t want anymore because he’s undersized at free safety. That goal line play what is the exact same play Seattle ran on the Wingland in the Super Bowl Lamarcus Joyner never stepped up to take away the crossing route the way you have to to negate the rub route. Both touchdowns not the goal line was bad defensive calls, a coach knows their player personnel and should never call a 0 blitz on the goal line unless you have shut down corners or big physical ones that’s football 101.

Ricardo El Chingon

Hes gone after this season. He even knows it.

    Johnny 24

    @doeboyelsancho and you just proved his point for bandwagon. His point is you are completely excusing Carr of everything and that makes you not credible. Carr is part of this loss and not excused of blame especially when some of those sacks was Carr holding on to the ball too long as well as not wanting run when he had wide open field. Some fans who were at the game said they saw open lanes for him to run when he got pressured but was scared or just has no vision.

    Johnny 24

    @Chiefs Kingdom I don’t think he’s scared of Gruden but I do think he’s trying to be perfect and is traumatized or something from all those interceptions he used to throw. Carr is ok when we have our running game working but hes going to have to take more chances in tight windows next year which I feel will be his last year to prove he belongs.

    Mukbang Jeezus

    Ricardo El Chingon damn. I hate to say it but by the look on his face. It definitely does show it. lol

    cecil kozuh

    @Johnny 24 all those interceptions he used to throw ? He’s never thrown more than 13 in a season.. wtf are you talking about ? Maybe that’s why you hate Carr. Bc you don’t know anything about him or you feel like it’s his fault for everything so it feels like he’s doing worse to you than what is actually happening in reality.

    cecil kozuh

    @CLASSIC BLACK T With The WHITE LOGO bihh! I think Carr is exactly the same as he was pre injury. The talent around him has diminished imo. And the playcalling has also been too conservative.

Ishikawa Frank

You would think man who is getting PAID as top 10, A man who worships Brett Favre, would have found a way to fire up his guys, who find a way attack. To have the balls to audible Grudens vanilla offense play calls. He played right into Gruden’s and Mayock plan to replace him. No scouting reviews from Mayock and No Gruden QB camp…ever wondered why? They put up with him because of money already committed. And Carr knows it. Safe play to keep the stats and QBR and most importantly stay healthy for trade. I still believe in the process. Last 2 games evaluate Kizer.

    thomas alvarez

    He is the cheapest QB out there right now he used to be the top paid, but you figure the Raiders arent a rich team, we dont money like the rest of the NFL you get what you pay for

Jeff Doran

Raiders have a good chance of losing the last six games of the season who would have thought that after being 6 – 4.

    Darth Plagueis the wise

    Martin Geiger man I’m still a raider fan I’m just disappointed with the past few games

    G Rezz

    So when do injuries come into your opinion? When…..

    Darth Plagueis the wise

    G Rezz no I understand that but they had a huge lead going into the second half and then they choked

    G Rezz

    wise Choke I can see. But you can even see, dropped passes and our defense as being why the 2nd half fell off. The blown call at the end of the game that would have iced it killed all our hope.


    I thought it. I tried to tell people, but no one believed me. Everyone was just like, “3-0 home win streak!” “Playoffs!” “Super Bowl!” “First, we down the Jets, then we beat the Chiefs!” “Carr is the GOAT!” Come on. If you were really paying attention to our games, you would’ve seen us, early on, beating teams like the Colts and Bears because of key injuries on their teams; we had windows of opportunity to get wins even with the level of play we’re currently at. We had the toughest schedule coming into the season and that created this illusion that we were better than we actually were when we managed to steal some wins. And when we lost to the Chiefs (the first time) or the Packers, people swept it under the rug like, “Oh, they’re a Super Bowl contender. That’s why they won,” as if we shouldn’t even strive to be Super Bowl contenders. Seriously though, if we want to get better, it’s going to take a new QB, with the fire in his belly to lead the team, and a solid defense. But I do think we’ll win at least one more game this season. We’ll be 7-9 or 8-8, but we really won more games than we should have this season.


Derek “More worried about being everyone’s friend instead of holding teammates accountable” Carr…

    K1NG D3F4ULT

    Coaching and Kicking was an issue as well but we need to draft a qb this or next draft

felix corral



    This is the result of a cleaned house.

    ThatGuy OverThere

    @OmegaSupremeWCheese yep, they seem to do it every four years and nothing to show for

    N/A Los Angeles

    Raiders have been cleaning house for 10 years.,,,,wake up!

    Susan Gleason

    Start with the QB. I’m tired of hearing excuses about why they lose. Please take pride in your team and play like you’ve never played before. So come on no more excuses!

    Jack Tate

    @Susan Gleason ??

Gabe N

4 in a row whos getting 🔥

    Darth Plagueis the wise




chloë Rodriguez

Step on their throat with field goals?

    Jesus Aguilar

    @CP3’s Right Hamstring cause he dosent have a good quarter back

    N/A Los Angeles

    Excuse me Williams hurt has notheing to do with another drop ball that this time killed the Raiders…

    N/A Los Angeles

    Grudens bad pick…another one

    Jack Tate

    @Jesus Aguilar The damn Patriots have a defense!

    Dominic Alvarez

    @Jesus Aguilar derek carr had a good game but no num 1 receivers we ain’t gonna make it no where pulse gruden has plays that cant pass the ball deep so dont blame everything on carr

James Clary

I’ve been a Raiders die hard fan since 1965. This was one of the most hurtful losses of all time. They don’t seem to have the will to win. It’s sad.

    Surfer Bob

    James Clary Hurtful? Omg. Hurtful? Are you a little girl? It’s football. Bfd. Omg when I read comments from grown men saying they’re hurt. I’ll assume you are a homosexual.

    Surfer Bob

    James Clary Florio said this morning there’s talk Jon might walk. Said Jon is very regretful of returning to coaching. Might walk. Wow. And listening to Carr here it sounds like he’s had it too, sounds like he could quit, raise his kids. Big changes coming.

    Mark Moton

    No man. That tuck rule im still trying to find out were Walt Coleman lives

    Get Off My Lawn


    Jess Stearns

    Agreed, Commitment to Excellence doesn’t seem to mean much to these guys…

Mike P

I can’t even finish watching this video…..hopefully they get it figured out in Vegas.


4 straight losses!! Really!?

    jay fairman

    We tanking at the last min

    Matata McCleskey

    Raiders were lucky they started as good as they did. Need some more pieces like a #1 reciever that can seperate. Still haven’t received all the draft picks from trades either.

    Alan Romero

    Might as well go 6 straight to get a low 1st round pick. Really no point of winning at this point.

    Speeding in progress

    Raider fans deserve a better team!!! Today was unacceptable.

    Daniel Hebert

    Better thank your defense and your QB! lol

Alejandro Muñoz

Well doss showed why he was cut 🤦🏽‍♂️

    Daniel De La Mora

    Uhhhhh Did you see him drop that easy pass?

    Jordan Lopez

    Daniel De La Mora calm down he doesn’t really get targeted that much but yeah he should of caught that

    N/A Los Angeles

    So very True…Gruden let him go as he cannot catch then the AB collapse and they pick Doss off practice squad …???Dude will be let go faster than lickity is over…if you cant catch the easy ones…

    Surfer Bob

    Doss sucks for sure, but Williams is worse.

    Noah Lehman

    @Surfer Bob Dude and jalen wtf was that

James Clary

And you think the rest of America doesn’t work hard and spend time away from our families? Dude. I owned restaurants. I worked 16 hours days, 6 days a week ALL year long just to feed my family. This BS is gettin old.

    Trev Mac

    save yer breath pal — this Carr guy has been living in a sheltered fantasy land since high-school ,none of the hard working stuff you do/did would resonate with a *Chump* like him

Big Dogg

$125,000,000 dollar man!!

    Tyler Size

    🤮🤮🤮🤧 but dude he doesnt get to tuck his kids in at night sometimes.. show some compation 😭😭😭

    darkside soldier!!

    @Tyler Size stfu

    Popeyes Chicken Sandwich

    @Tyler Size need a qb that has no life like Aaron Rodgers

    Trev Mac

    @Tyler Size *LMAO* great comment

    Thot Tv

    All that money & he scared to break another bone

Payman Alemi

Why can’t we ever hear the Raiders’ reporters in these press conferences?

    Popeyes Chicken Sandwich

    derek carr set up the mics


    N/A Los Angeles What’s cool is Oakland still outdraws LA Ram fans. I’m sure they are “ashamed” but this franchise owns the west coast … i hope they can get good again. Carr should be on his way out

    Popeyes Chicken Sandwich

    @SuperOmnicron carr is out, this year or the next

    NO NAME 00110001001110010011100000110100

    Different cameras and different mics.
    You have to sync all of their recorders to one camera. If you go to there channels You hear them just fine.

    Matt Harriss

    @SuperOmnicron I wish that worked…. I would love to hear (or even read) the questions

Josh Bettenhausen

I’ve defended Carr for a long time. I like him as a person and even a as a football player most of the time but it’s time to move on. We need a guy with some grit and tenacity who can lead us to victory when everything’s on the line. Derek Carr is a good quarterback but he’s not a Raider quarterback.

    darkside soldier!!

    Someone who can play in the cold too

    deez nutz

    How about them coaches though

    Frank Cruz

    Jalen Hurts would be a good fit at QB

jorge sifontes

You keep saying you will GET IT RIGHT!! WHEN???????????

    John Bencomo

    When he’s gone……

    Rail Fan

    Carr had five passes today that were dropped by the WRs. All five were in the hands, at their chests. Easy catches. Any of those catches would have drastically changed the outcome of this game.

    jeremy cobert

    @Rail Fan thank you ! WR’s hit in the face mask and numbers, Carr cant do more then that.

    The Rope

    What do you want from him? We can’t win when our receivers get no separation and when they do, they never catch the damn ball!

    jorge sifontes

    @The RopeHow about when you scramble, throw it to a receiver. not throw the ball away. it seems that is his first instinct.

Chris Hughes

Need a more dynamic QB. Carr is soft.

    Rashon Black

    Bullshit. We need a coach with an updated offense and a defense that doesn’t let guys like nick mullens, Gardner minshew, Ryan tannehil and Sam darnold look like hall of famers..I don’t care what qb u bring in until our defense stop getting carved up and committing penalties and our organization stops making terrible decisions like trading for headaches like AB we will continue to lose games

    Thot Tv

    Carr lost the game even gannon said it


    I’ve been thinking it would be best to trade Carr, but now I’m thinking it would be best just to keep him and draft a more dynamic QB, if only so everyone who thinks Carr is our franchise QB can see the difference in performance during preseason.

    Nah. Trade him and use the extra money to sign some FAs who can make an instant impact on our defense.

TenebrisGR YT

Carr needs to get out of the pocket more.

Fitter Krueger

Who gives a f play ball! Always talking about missing or seeing family then quit and become a stay at home dad or mom rather, tired of losing carr get it together this is the raiders!! Not the Oakland nice guys 🤬

    Sean Perry

    Wish I could like this statement 100 times

    Just think

    those times long gone

    G Rezz

    You sound like a fool

    Just think

    news flash. the game was meaningless thanks to 3 weeks of blowouts. and Marky screwed you over big time. why the big “celebration”? he wanted and tried to leave for years. they could have built a 55,000 seat stadium (without the need for a top,duh) Raider museum, parks, commercial and residential and moved the A’s to a small ball park on the other side of the highway by the bay and still kept playing in O while this was being done. now you got a plastic stadium in a plastic city. the NFL will favor them now to sell the move. so will the “star” refs.

    J lee

    We dont spend time away from our families when we go to WORK! F carr!!!!!!

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