Derek Carr Looks to Prove Himself in 2020 & Discusses Honoring Kobe Bryant | Las Vegas Raiders – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Derek Carr Looks to Prove Himself in 2020 & Discusses Honoring Kobe Bryant | Las Vegas Raiders

Quarterback Derek Carr discusses the start of training camp, wide receiver Bryan Edwards, the fire power on offense, quarterback Marcus Mariota and honoring Kobe Bryant.

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James Mcneill

Raider nation for life.

Real Richmond

No fans allowed for our new stadium?!!? Who would have thought……


    Fn hilarious aint it ? Smh

    Raiders Cat

    Kind of weird we cant have at least 10,000 spaced out in the stadium.


DC said he tired of being disrespected and therez no way he would miss this season… If that aint motivation idk what it…. Lets go raider naition lets get it yeeee!!!!!

Mike Murphy

As a lifelong Raider fan I believe in Derek Carr. Raiders 4th Lombardi is coming.

    Surfer Bob, Santa Cruz Legend.

    I like Derek I always have, since his FSU days I saw him a few times, even in Las Vegas in a bowl game against USC. But, I absolutely feel Mariota is the future. He’s got elite playmaking abilities. Carr is maybe solid, at best. I think he’s Dakota Prescott. Look, KC has the best. Denver has a badass too. We know who LA drafted. I’d put my hopes in Mariota, but not this year, the Chinese virus messed that up.

    tony Z

    With you on that .

    Lew Sifer

    No. He doesn’t have what it takes. Mariota will start by week three.

    David Lopez

    Surfer Bob, Santa Cruz Legend. Mariota is a 1 trick pony at best a QB back up like now stop overrating I him carr is better in every way expect speed

    David Lopez

    Lew Sifer idiot

Ray Taylor

Tired of being disrespected.


That’s my QB happy to hear he’s hear Try and get a super bowl he deserves it

Troy Butcher

Kobe Bean Bryant was my favorite Basketball Player of All Time as well. Definitely respect what your doing honoring KOB(King Of Basketball). I’ve always supported you bc I know you have the Mamba Mentality. (18)4th Quarter Comebacks and (19)GWD’s since 2015.

That’s my QB and this is our year.. Nahh Scratch that! This is our DECADE! We finally have a real squad from top to bottom on both sides of the ball. We’re young but we’re talented af. We have the right guys and mindset to get it done for years to come!


Our FLOOR is the PLAYOFFS & the SKY is the LIMIT!


    Troy Butcher Same bro! Well said💯 This for Kobe & Raider Nation! We’re due💪

Marcus Cue

Love to here the Derek Carr sounding like he did back at Fresno St. Carr beat up my Wyoming Cowboys 2/3 years he was a starter and he had that disrespect me and u will lose attitude then. Love it

    Greg Salus

    The true Cowboys of football, Go Pokes! Raider Nation is strong in Wyoming! I grew up fighting with Broncos fans in school 😂

Sean Athletics & Raider Nation

This is the attitude wanted to see. Get pissed about being disrespected. Get it Carr this your year and this team is stacked.


    Defense not quite

    Sean Athletics & Raider Nation

    @SUPERBATIRONHULK yeah I was thinking more offense for him

Kevin Kaatz

And I’m tired of u being disrespected

Omar Guerrero

No doubt Derek is a leader, the best of luck to him

Jason Rawlins

Hell yeah Derek Carr us raider fans are with you that’s what we want to see get mad when that super bowl you deserve it. Go Las Vegas Raiders

Jonathan M

Raiders were feeling the offense last year, didnt want to show too much. We’ll see a very open offense with a lot of deep shots. Offense is stacked

    Havok OG

    also no one will mention that the offense was built around brown the clown before the season started and when he got released, gruden had to start from scratch and had little time to create plays around the wrs we had last season.

    Roberto Magana

    @Havok OG and that’s why Gruden is overrated. Great offensive coaches like Kyle Shanahan doesn’t tailor his offense around one guy he makes a system and find players to fit in it I could be wrong too lol maybe your just making excuses for the raiders performance last season I’d be more worried about the raiders horrible defense more than anything

Jonathan M

Right on about R.Hudson, Trent Brown and D. Waller. Hudson was the biggest shocker, best center over the last 5 years hands down

Jonathan Morales

I’ve always had faith in Carr and now that our team is complete, he will do his part and get us wins. In Carr we trust

Touchdown 67

I bet he was itching for this press conf ever since the Mariota signing…..

Watts Raider

I’m glad u feel disrespected. U should. Now use it to your advantage.

    Phillip Emerson

    Dang bro!!! I’m glad you said it!! 1000 percent

Zack Bowman

He looks so focused and pissed. I can’t wait for him to go off and shut everyone up

Marcos Lopez

“I’m tired of being disrespected.” I love that attitude dc bring that heat this year.

TC Warden

Raiders as a whole are tired of being disrespected.

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