Demario Davis Talks CMC, Panthers Playmakers Ahead of Week 17 | New Orleans Saints Football – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Demario Davis Talks CMC, Panthers Playmakers Ahead of Week 17 | New Orleans Saints Football

New Orleans Saints linebacker Demario Davis post-practice locker room interview ahead of the Saints at Carolina Panthers week 17 game during the 2019 NFL season. Demario talks about the challenges Christian McCaffrey & the Panthers playmakers pose for the Saints defense.
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Jerry Dillon

A shame 56 didn’t make the probowl-it’s ok, he wasn’t’ gonna be able to play in it this year anyway…

    Paul M Davis

    I agree he will be playing in the Super Bowl


    But the extra one million for the pro bowl selection tho 🙁 probowl is a popularity contest

Ramon Crocodilians Productions

Keep grinding Demario, you are a Legend. 💯👍🏾 Tine to go get dat dub. Geaux Saints ⚜🏈🔥👍🏾

Mike Voss

What chu talking bout sucka we coming to eat. Mr D

Space Ghost Skaduwee's Perspective

Glad to have this guy. Dude is the heartbeat of defense. He’s been great since he has been here.




Mvp of our defense 💪🏾⚜ #whodat

Who Dat Nation

Love this guy ❤️

SaintsGoated 32

How did he not make the Pro Bowl he top 5 MLB


Great job D.D keep the young lions ready to Eat.Its Time to Grind Stay ready Whodattttttttt.

Ramon Sayans

#WeProwlWeKillWeEat My guy DD I get Jon Vilma vibes off of him he’s a leader bend don’t break he got this



Scott Stlaey

We prime, we kill we eat. N we coming. Who Dat! All we n3ed is sf loss n gb loss

    ice man T

    I belive the word your looking for is prowl 🤣🤣🤣😂

Scott Stlaey

I think our starters sho7ld only play till the half though. Why push it. It’s good to push our snds n 3rds to step up anyway. It’s invaluable exp cause we don’t get knocked out of we lose. Talk the coach into it Demario

Scott Stlaey

You should’ve been In the pro bowl to my brother. Guess there’s always next year m we still got a ring to get


Go saints

Android Q Music

I hope my Panthers get the win so we can end this horrible Season with a win in the last week like last year but I hope y’all bring the Superbowl back to the NFC South!

Bill Bright

Tackling technique, wrap those legs, and even Goliath will fall.

Ryan Flanagan

Go Saints

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