Defensive Coordinator Ken Norton Jr. Week 15 Press Conference | 2019 Seattle Seahawks – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Defensive Coordinator Ken Norton Jr. Week 15 Press Conference | 2019 Seattle Seahawks

Seahawks defensive coordinator Ken Norton Jr. speaks with the media on Wednesday during Week 15 of the regular season at the Virginia Mason Athletic Center.

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Karim Awad

First person here go hawks

Joshua Bussey


Skoden Fineden

hey Kenny! play some tighter D. Hold your self accountable. Yes you can win all the games, Don’t sell your self short. pshhhhh


    agree 100% that hideous base D is terrible

Buddy Hampton

What we learned is you give up to many easy yards with your game plan Ken!!!

    Harangutan Thefaithful

    yeah – because the game is only defense, and it’s only Ken’s plan that produces unaggressive and undeveloped defensive play. sure hope the hawks see your thoughtful comments and take action 🤣

Eric Maeder

Ken gotta him

Save the Geese

Defense has gotten stale this year

Nya Pope

Talk about KJ Wright, not the rookie.

Charlie P

Coach Norton is a great part of the team! GO HAWKS!

Brandon Winkler

You all need to realize last weeks game was not the defenses fault. That was all on the offense. Hawks would’ve scored 6pts if not for Diggs defensive TD. The rams score a lot of points especially with Gurley going so the offense should’ve been matching the intensity.

    Jon Doe

    Brandon Winkler pass rush was lacking

    Paranormal Response

    They ran the same play on the Defense multiple times and they never adjusted. The offense didnt help but the Defense was owned except for the great plays by Diggs.

    Aisian ThreeQUISIANS

    Pass rush pressured goff on like two plays and he threw picks on both of them. Honestly though the second pick goff had someone wide open in the middle of the field. He very well could’ve thrown for 500 but they started running more to end the game and control the clock

Clorox Bleach



Ken sounds like hes lost. Over his head. Hes not creative and innovative enough to be in charge of a entire defense. Doesnt sound like a coach that should run a championship caliber team.


I hate our coaching staff decisions. We dont maximize opportunities or players very well. And we get stuck on schemes and players too much as well. No reason we havent had Gordon more involved than Turner,Moore, or Brown. Those 3 should literally not even see a snap. We dont need to have a WR commitee approach.

BenYamin Ben-David

Please be more agressive on defense early on in the game, as we’ve seen in a lot of games this year, it really does work. Switching up and disguising different coverages has worked well in the Seahawks defense. The only problem is that, that adjustment is normally made in the 2nd Half when we’re down points. If we start off the right way and are consistent we are more than likely gonna finish the right way. Gameplan to actually contain the best players of the opposing teams offense. Start things off right

Looking for a huge dominant win in Carolina

Seahawks 45, Panthers 10

Go Hawks!

dimy mwaura

The defense played better in the 2nd half
Our offense with all the weapons didn’t adjust


Good defense, just needs to be more pressure on the QB…

stephen st.clair

It’s cool to read all these potential coaches opinions.

Wyatt Earb

This guy is a horrible Defensive Coordinator. They ran the same 5 plays over n over again and this foo kept calling the same D

Azariah Seer

I think Ken Norton needs to own up more. I’m hearing a lot of running around the fact, and to say we have had a fantastic season……….. I get it appears that way due to our record, but our pass defense has been horrible all year long, we are exposed every game just about. Change something, I’m glad we were exposed the way we were. Something drastic needs to happen because our defense in particular “pass defense” could be so many levels higher we look lackluster out there man smh

Aisian ThreeQUISIANS

Ken we love you dude but unless you seriously turn this defense around you gotta go man. 26th ranked defense in the league and the pass rush is essentially non existent

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