David Moore Mic’d Up Week 15 at Panthers | 2019 Seahawks Saturday Night – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

David Moore Mic’d Up Week 15 at Panthers | 2019 Seahawks Saturday Night

Listen in as Seahawks wide receiver David Moore is wired for sound during the Seahawks week 15 win over the Panthers on Sunday Night Football.

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Brennan H

Why is he mic’d up he barely plays

    A Fucking Bird


    Brennan H

    Robert Baker he is now he was 4th before Josh Gordon got suspended


    I agree. Moore pisses me off, don’t shove him down my throat. I’d actually rather have a slow white guy with ball skills

    Nolan Roche

    Hes the third reciever

    Brennan H

    Robert Baker pretty sure he had 0 catches this game


I like it when I find out a former Seahawk like mike davis is still playing in NFL

    Ty Moss

    shoulda kept him over cj… pretty stupid we could really use him right now… cant be running carson into the ground today need him 100 for niners next week

    A Fucking Bird

    CJ has to shake the rust off!

    Caleb Driscoll

    Ty Moss he got offered a kinda big contract for the bears

    edward kim

    @A Fucking Bird or them glass shards for bones…

    Rico Alexander

    @Ty Moss we didn’t cut him for cj.


Even though I’m in Indonesia right now ill Still watch the hawks games. Go HAWKS

    Riddy Everything

    Go hawks salam kenal 12th man dari tangerang

Reaper btw-

4:39 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

A Fucking Bird

How could you not like D-Mo?


Reed helping Allen off the ground after KJ’s second pick – that is in the Christmas spirit.

Michelle Ezeugo


edward kim

man i miss mike davis . Great player and chemistry with our team and helluva RB when he was our 1-2 punch with chris carson

Caleb Driscoll

We need to keep this squad, cut some wr and mlbs

Fred Thomson

Only injuries allowed Carolina to score in second half. at least seahawk kicker a plus this week

Mason Lystrup

Nothing better then hearing TOUCHDOWNS SEAHAWKS!!!

Seahawks Fan

I hope we beat the 49ers πŸ’šπŸ’™πŸ’šπŸ’™

    T O

    I hope some starters will recover just in time for next week we can afford it today but not next week we need those guys back asap

    Seahawks Fan

    T O I know

Seahawks Fan

Go Hawks

    Zee Dawg


Zee Dawg

I thought Gordon got suspended for drug addiction

    Nolan Roche

    That was last game before he got suspended

    Zee Dawg

    Nolan Roche wait what I thought he was permanently suspended from the nfl?


Wish they played David Moore and John Ursua just a little more often


    83 is getting some return duty. I personally don’t like to see Tyler doing that any more (no pun intended): too valuable.

Tv Niko

at the end 😭😭

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