Davante Adams recalls calling Aaron Jones a ‘dark horse’ from Year 1 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Billy Barrett

I’m READY for that LIONS GAME❤❤

Indie Smoker

Next game is a huge game, please don’t slack and root for the Seahawks!

    AlmightyyPack 1

    Indie Smoker tommorow?

    Indie Smoker

    AlmightyyPack 1 sorry I meant next game

    carbonated milk

    Love your pfp #23 the cocky jaire Alexander

    Mary Spence

    Go hawks.

Fernando Marin

GO HAWKS………..just for tomorrow

    Jon 66

    I can’t cheer for them but I promise not to call them “shitbirds” for the rest of the season.

    AlmightyyPack 1

    Fernando Marin ❔❔❔❔


    This guy is living in there future

    Tyler Glasgow

    The Hawkeyes, in their bowl game tomorrow night.

    Ha-Ha ItsAGiraffe

    Fernando Marin let us know tomorrow if packers and Seahawks won

Jonathan Anderson Sr

There aren’t any games tomorrow….are they?

    AlmightyyPack 1

    Jonathan Anderson Sr no

    MyCraftablRomnce TheRealM310N

    All games are on Sunday

Kiasia Johnson


Mgtow Farmer

Well… you only catch the ball half the time, so three fumbles is a large percentage of Adam’s actual catches.

    Miguel Gonzalez

    Mgtow Farmer lol are you hating I can’t tell 😂

    Adaptive Tech

    WTH are you talking about? He had that problem early in his career, now he catches literally everything.

    spikeball pro8

    Are you trying to talk about Aaron Jones?

    Marcus West

    Lol come on man

Donovan Johnson

What day is it? 😂

Daniel Nazaryan

adams is ganna have 2 tds this week watch

    Dr3aM WorX

    hes had a lot of success against detroit

    William Wright

    @Dr3aM WorX because slay is overated

mindless monk

Never trade this dude

The Train

Gotta love Davante. Such a team first player

Adaptive Tech

Devante Adams = Michael Thomas, they’re literally the same receiver

John Baenen

Very respectful gentleman. I think his mentor was Donald driver I could be wrong

    Chaos Undivided

    They never played together. His mentors would have been Cobb and Nelson.

777d7777 777d7777

One of the best teammates and leaders present in our locker room
Plus he a stud
Gi dominate tae and why not get to 1000yards while you’re at it and secure us the W and a bye
Though we shouldn’t underestimate the lions
Go Pack Go!!!!!!!!!

777d7777 777d7777

Love the fact that he acknowledged his 2 mistakes and owned them like a true leader would
Ball out as usual Tae
Go Pack Go!!!!!!!!!

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