Davante Adams hauls in a 32-yard deep ball from Aaron Rodgers: Listen to the radio call – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Lokesh Yerneni

Yessss my mannnn

Woozy Swoozy

I love when they show the announcers reactions, it makes it even better!

    Jack Podlesnik

    Woozy Swoozy Aron Roger

    Leon Nakamura

    Aron roger

Elijah Houston


Ana R.

Davante Adams 👍👌💪😀😀

brayden finch

I wish i could listen to these guys commentary every game.

Maxwell Kruger

Love me some Wayne and Larry. Wish I could still sync up the tv and radio so I wouldn’t have to listen to D-bags like Troy Aikman.

Person Person

I wanna tell you guys a joke

The refs making right calls, packers beating the 49ers, Super Bowl I rematch, and Aaron Rodgers and the packers not being babied

    Alien Gamer77

    It was a first down

SJW Destroyer

Is there any way we can get Wayne and Larry on TV? I’m sick of pathetic Joe Buck and Troy Aikman.

Cohan Does stuff

I’m going to a packers game next year they are facing the most disgusting team in the NFL….the bears🤮

Hanz C

Niners will demolish the packers again

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