Darnell Savage sees a ‘big brother’ in Adrian Amos – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Yooper eh?

We need these guys to stay in Green Bay now. And we need to draft or bring in Aaron’s future replacement. 5 year plan. But also a backup plan in case he retires early etc. but. We want a third. Miracle qb. Need it. Gute did a great job developing the infrastructure. This offseason it’s time to think about training someone legit not just another backup.

    aaron berhane

    Yooper eh? Ik I’m going to miss Rodgers tho

    Lucas Nogueira

    I think we can wait a couple of years before adressing qb in the top 3 rounds because we are in Win now mode and top picks need to be at least playing a few downs per game(ik says the team that drafted rashan Gary but you know what i mean lol) besides If we wait 5 years we gonna have to pay him and being cheap is a lot of what makes Young qbs great

C Hda

hey Packers, please purchase a monopod for the videographer who is taping these videos!!

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Show the world how you are vs the bears darnell and help up adrian who is facing his former team for the 2nd time
Go Pack Go!!!!

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Smart analyses by savage on trubisky
Lead us to victory alongside your big brother adrian Amos
Go Pack Go!!!!

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