Danielle Hunter 2019 Season Highlights | Minnesota Vikings – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Danielle Hunter 2019 Season Highlights | Minnesota Vikings

View highlights from Minnesota Vikings DE Danielle Hunter's 2019 season.

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Beth Byers

Pro bowl MVP

Keith James

This man here.
Yeah, him and Smith cause a lot of injuries in Madden.

    Keith James

    capri sun Then you don’t know how to play Madden. This year’s is the best ever. Thanks to the amazing Kirk Cousins, it is the most challenging edition yet.

    Andrew K

    Ultimate team is the best, I’m working on getting his card.

    Keith James

    Andrew K Ultimate Team is some downright trash added to appeal to the Twitter and Instagram crowd. I don’t even acknowledge that Superstar KO garbage they added this year. Online Franchise or stay the hell out of any comment I make.

    capri sun

    @Keith James nah man I havent bought madden since 15, and I only got 20 cuz its $30 right now

    Keith James

    capri sun if you didn’t preorder then stop replying to me.



Jannis Schaplewski



This guys will be a god the older he gets

capri sun



Dude is a beast! What does he need to do to be in the Aaron Donald and Khalil Mack class of pass rushers? Maybe add another move or 2?

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