Daniel Sorensen: “I’m looking forward, I’m not looking back” | Press Conference 8/24 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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KCC Reply



Dude just looks like a future head coach lol

BrokenAntelope Reply

No looking back baby ! Only at the super bowl trophy!

Steez OnyahMomma Reply

Colton ca represent!!!! THUNDERJACKET!

samson gersing Reply

Dirty Dan is a Boss!!!! Nothing else needs to be said, go CHIEFS kingdom–>

Latasha Stowers Reply

I love Dirty Dan!!!!

Steven Goodpaster Reply

The man’s a true professional and a great example for the other players. Seems to me the chiefs have way more than their fair share of great professionals. Hats off to Brett Veach for finding them and coach Reid for grooming them

    Loomer Cuber Reply

    He was here before Bret

    Steven Goodpaster Reply

    @Loomer Cuber yes and there many outstanding humans on this team before Andy and Brett but that doesn’t diminish the job their doing. I do think he has been groomed by coach Reid

    Loomer Cuber Reply

    @Steven Goodpaster I agree But don’t give all the credit to him. Brett is doing a great job. But Sorensen was more of a Reid and Dorsey move. that’s all.

MrKneller Reply

He may not be the quickest, but I love having Dirty Dan around because he is clutch. He has a nose for the ball when we absolutely need it.

Theo Lee Reply

Way to go danny 🤓👍😁😁😁🏹🏹🏹

1 1 Reply

You can see the devil take over Dirty Dans soul at 0:53. What the hell?

Brent Hood Reply

Looking forward to more game-changing plays you rock!

Firefighter CB Reply

Definition of tough: see- Dirty Dan Sorensen.

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