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GOOD JOB ATLANTA! Now let’s play like this for 16 games, not 1.

    Trii Skittlesツ

    More than 16. 19! Gonna get that ring playing like this


    Well now that the season is done let’s not tank, lets win out so we get a mediocre draft pick

    Football Films

    @Trii Skittlesツ Rise Up!!! and I hope the 19 is divisional, conference, and SB. No wildcard.

Anthony Williams

I was at the football game

    Football Films

    How empty was the stadium. because it looked empty on TV

    Hardline 1225

    Football Films it was only half empty


Great video rip juice

    Tech S

    Yea n rip big bird


We’re not competitors, we’re eliminated from the playoffs and these wins do nothing but give us a worse pick to build our team. We will be mediocre forever.

    GhOsT PePpErS

    @Jay Manning Russell Wilson 3rd rd pick, Joe Montana 3rd rd pick, Steve Young supplemental draft, Kurt Warner undrafted, Joe Theismann 4th rd pick, Rodger Staubach 10th rd pick, Johnny Unitas 9th rd pick, Bart Starr 17th rd pick, All won Superbowls. *It’s not about me just saying the 1st rd doesn’t matter. But more so about striking gold in any round with the right front office in place making the decisions.* That’s why I give the middle finger to tanking.

    Jay Manning

    @GhOsT PePpErS I don’t think any team in the NFL plays with that mindset, as a fan though I don’t see it as a big deal to want the team to get a higher draft pick, your odds of finding a great player in the later rounds are slim compared to a top ten pick, and yes the coach gm and scouting department play a big part in that, every fan has an opinion though but fans telling other fans there not a real fan just because they have a different opinion of what’s best for the team amuses me, not referring to you

    GhOsT PePpErS

    @Jay Manning *I highly agree.* But if we don’t wind up with a top pick, it’s not the end of the world due to the fact, you don’t need a top 5 pick to get results.

    J Mapp

    you are not a positive fan… go band wagon with someone else team..

    Goku Black

    blake wagner you have a good point but honestly I would be happy losing to the niners next though 😂 hopefully it’s close at least though lol

Lou Hamer

Dan Quinn and Thomas dimitroff are like virus’s just constantly keeping our franchise in a state of mediocrity. We win games that don’t matter and lose games that do matter

    GhOsT PePpErS


    Jay Manning

    Honestly it was gonna be hard for us to lose this game, is bad as we are the Panthers are worse right now, they don’t have a QB and a coach at this point, I see us maybe winning one more from here, but I agree DQ and TD need to go, just look at our drafts and compare them to the Saints, in 1 draft 2 years ago the Saints draft Lattimore, Kamara, and Thomas that’s 3 superstars in one draft, this past draft we spend 3 picks on 2 offensive lineman in the 1st round, McGary has looked trash (leads the NFL in sacks given up by all lineman), Lindstrom we don’t know yet, meanwhile Saints draft a center in the 2nd who is already pro bowl caliber and is the highest graded rookie lineman since Nick Mangold, and another top rated pff rookie in the 4th a safety, we need stronger leadership throughput the organization

    Isaiah FromdaA

    I read no lie 🧐#facts

    B Strong

    2012 and 2016


    @Jay Manning its a lot easier being a center than a tackle. McGary is going up against Aaron Donald, Cameron Jordan, Shaquil Barrett, and Chandler Jones. Many of these players lead the league in sacks because they’re so good. Tackles on the edge normally get one on one match ups. However if your a Guard or Center you might get a teammate to help double team your opponent. Hopefully next year McGary will improve, if not then it was a waste of a pick. Just need to give him time to adjust.

Tejsh Desai

I love wins. But I love meaningful wins more. We need to look towards the future and sadly start losing some of these games.

Falcon BANE77

These players have played hard all year alot of bad breaks and bad plays but since the adjustments. The team loves this coach he’ll be back next year and make a run at it. The line looked good with Linstrom all the big runs and touchdown runs came on his side.

Nick bagnulo

2 game losing streak snapped
1st home win since week 2
Beat the Panthers 6 times in a row
3-2 in the NFC south

When they r supposed to lose they win
Visa versa



I’m going to miss ole quinn


It’s always a joy to beat the Carolina Snaggle Pussies, especially sweeping them. Doesn’t change the fact, DQ is still the same coach of a team that started 1-7. *I like the idea of bringing in a new GM to either canning Quinn or evaluating for the next season and deciding after that. Continuity is great for a franchise.* “Besides…When it comes to Quinn, he doesn’t know how to overcome period to horrendous starts in a row just like Mike Smith. *It’s time to move on.*

Seargent AR-10


    Hardline 1225

    Seargent AR-10 freeman can’t run the damn ball we haven’t been able to run the ball since Coleman left

Gary Turbo

Would’ve been better if they tank

Byron Jones

Go away. .!

First Last

Great win Falcons!

Olzick Mont

If Blank fires Quinn and not Thomas D also I will be pissed. They looked to friendly together in that booth today. There is no way TD should survive two different head coaches in a ten year span. Sooner than later he needs to be held accountable also. If Blank finds it hard to fire friends he needs to give that authority to someone who will. Never get to close to your employees because oneday business decisions may have to be made.

Chris Edwards

Still needs to be fired. There’s no real reason why the Falcons should be 4-9.

Albert Maddox

Just lost better draft pick for no reason

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