Dan Quinn on Jeff Ulbrich: ‘He’s probably the best teacher I’ve been around’ – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Dan Quinn on Jeff Ulbrich: ‘He’s probably the best teacher I’ve been around’

Dan Quinn has high praise for Assistant Head Coach/Linebackers Coach Jeff Ulbrich. He also addressed the continued development by the rookies and preparing for games in empty stadiums.


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Beezy Dean Reply

Rise Up this gone be the year ❤️🖤💯

Wes Shepard Reply

Linebackers are crucial to our success this year, aside from the Line play, outside of Debo and Jarett, the guys have ALOT to prove..Bailey, Marlon, Takk, Foye, Mykal, Cominski, Senat if he makes it, you get the point

Rocky Ramsey Reply

Can’t wait for the season to start! Not too much longer🏈💪

Cottinmouf on da road Stuff i say to myself Reply

Hahaha Jarvis said ” he’s consistently that consistent”

Preston Flowers Reply

I’ll frist home win in 2020 , Let’s be physical, relentless, powerful, but smart at the same time, and destroy all our division rivals with no remorse, rise up and we cannot stop until we are alone at the top,

Cali Atl Reply

Resign then n let him be the coach u couldn’t figure out time management for three years in row

Anthony Wright Reply

Coach Quinn you’re a true leader, a teacher and a beast. RISE UP….

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