Damien Williams Turns on the Afterburners to Extend Chiefs Lead | Super Bowl LIV – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Emperor Palpatine

This wouldn’t have been possible without the Dolphins

    Armando Mejia Takara

    @Rory Jr
    Great expectations. I wish l were in your shoes ~Lifetime Cowboys fan~
    But l promise not to hide my face….
    just yet. Even that 1-15 team that Jimmy fielded went on to win 3 super bowls….and I dont wanna hear no switzer bullshit.

    Haddy Barghouti

    Emperor Palpatine Ryan fitzmagic

    BrewTha Woo

    All hail the Dolphins

Sam Co

Dude wants the MVP

Tyrell Ingram

How do you allow 20 unanswered points again🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

    The Egganator

    @Nike Trushkov excuses


    Nike Trushkov how the refs were clearly bias to the 49ers buddy🥳😉


    Tyrell Ingram 21😉

    Nica Libre

    when the chiefs is on the field things changes

SteelersGoingFor 7

Gg Andy Reid. Much respect from Steeler nation.

    Jonte Stevenson

    We going for 7 next season


    As a raider fan most 49ers fans are ban wagons and are toxic. But I respect the real 49ers fans.

    Tom Evanston


Emperor Palpatine

Richard Sherman took a big L tonight

    Cali Dodger

    Why u mad bro? LoL sherman the clown

    Ty Lowe

    Sherman doing all of that talk talking about he is going to help win the SB for Kobe Bryant and how he’s more mental now. He did not show up tonight….

    darkside soldier!!

    No vaseline

    Future Trunks

    Talking smack go himself a L

Micah Williamson

That’s how you end a game!

DC12 12 12 12

Patrick broke the madden curse

    XtC MXM

    What about the goat? Tb12

    Evan Brandi

    XtC MXM nobody cares about the boomer

    XtC MXM

    @Evan Brandi okay boomer

    Ethan Hsiao

    @XtC MXM he the goat and has had an incredible career, but that game he lost in the sb. So he didnt break it

    Future Trunks

    He did

Justin R

“Speed doesn’t mean nothing once you get punched in the mouth”

Well how can you punch them in the mouth if you cant catch em? 😂

    Nick J

    Oh damn 🤔

    Damon Met

    @Tails the fox 🙄

    Tails the fox

    @Nick J easy comeback

Nehemiah Howard

the one day i rooted for you guys and you didnt let me down. congrats chiefs
-broncos fan

    Nehemiah Howard

    @Clown Shoes MMA ima hate the chiefs every season😂

    BGK Qzuix


    Damian Savage

    Why you going for a team that plays in your same division lmao. Raiders fan btw

    TL Yang

    Yessir. Not only champs for KC but the AFC baby. Excited for you guys and Lock ! #ChiefsKingdom #SuperBowlChamps

    BGK Qzuix

    Damian Savage Because they represented our division in the SuperBowl lol…

Trap Ricardo

Well…at least it went to the *AFC* 🤷🏾‍♂️

    antdagoat YT

    Wym super Bowl

    J F

    Cause u guys suck

    Nate Stephens

    Imagine being a ravens fan and even showing your face in a super bowl comment section after your pathetic playoffs haha

    Anthony Desenso

    Nate Stephens lmao

    Trap Ricardo

    Nate Stephens 14-2

Bo Mitchell

Real og’s watch the game live and come here for the highlights (🖐🏻 me)

    FN Baby

    Bo Mitchell yezirrrrrr

    Adrian M

    Man, I’ve learned more about football this month than I’ve figured out in my life. It’s enough to be able to actually get into watching it, and I have to say…. this game was DEFINITELY worth the watch! Grats to the Chiefs! Kansas City is going to be a mess tonight/tomorrow.



    BRZ Blendi

    I’m here to see some pissed of fans

    Michael Coleman

    I watched the whole thing and was loud as I could be. And now watching highlights

Cedric Smith

20 points to zero in the 4th qtr smh

Jordan Davis

Kyle Shannhan choked again in the super bowl

Michael Ortega

Andy Reid deserve this win and finally won a super bowl he is a great coach

    Fred Rick

    He has a great team, Stop it…

Kevin Scott

Admittedly I was rooting for the 9ers, but congrats chiefs! Way to hang in there

Paradise Archer

I see Kyle Shanahan didn’t learn a thing when he was with my falcons🤷🏾‍♂️


    Paradise Archer Falcons are cursed.


    Very true. Wtf was he thinking on that 3 and out? Run the damn ball and run the clock get throw it? That 3 and out was the turning point of the game.


0:06: Joe Buck realizes he should probably be more excited.

    Graysen Aniya

    AlbinoCJ96 right

    Ryan Nurmi

    And Damien William’s will roll to the END ZONE FOR THE TOUCHDOWN!!!

Moon Wolf

After 50 years without winning a Super Bowl it finally paid off to the Kansas City Chiefs


Madden Curse: I’m bout to end this mans whole career

Patrick Mahomes: Hold my Lombardi Trophy

    Bud Lee

    He beat the Madden Curse
    The Chiefs Curse
    And The Andy Reid Curse

    Derek Tyler

    @Bud Lee i thought the curse was just getting injured though.

    Bud Lee

    @Derek Tyler I thought it was failing that particular season . It doesn’t matter now . He lifted the Madden , Andy Reid and Chiefs curses .

    Derek Tyler

    @Bud Lee im not hating, i live in kansas city, so im very happy i just didnt know the particulars of the “curse”. So glad they brought the Lombardi home!

    Bud Lee

    @Derek Tyler I hear ya . I’m not sure about the curse either . I’m in football heaven . I’m 52 and have sat through so many heartbreaking playoff losses . It really is surreal .

Your always Right bro

Kyle Shanahan: Loses when leading 28-3

Also Kyle: Wanna see me do it again ?

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