Damien Williams’ Top 10 Plays from the 2019 Season – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Andrew Badgerow

Tyreek catches up with him wow. I’m sorry but he did not have the leadership show that made mahomes mvp.

Daniel Hernandez 32

Much rather have him then leveon bell and cheaper

Matt Barker

He should’ve got Super Bowl MVP.

    Gary Haye

    The defense was all about stopping mahomes so it was easier for him to have a good game ! The focus was about stopping the passing

    Mike Stocker

    @Gary Haye cool story


LMAO each time Tyreek caught up with him……….

Josephine Abd-El Gabbar

guys, lets be honest, why america have got best players and best sports than my country.
And congrats guys. Love u all.


    Keep your head up. Great athletes can come from anywhere. Past a certain point it’s all about the funds and training regiments available to them.


Can we make Tyreek Hill catching up with Damien Williams a trademark for the Chiefs?

Privé J

The real sb mvp

Bonnie Keough

Damien, if you haven’t already…. Buy your momma a house!

Brad Murray

That’s my Superbowl MVP

J Woe

#8 the chip on Bosa before making a big catch and run. all attitude.

Nate Hill


Kv King



The good part is he added hella value to himself after this so he’s another factor to the stacked offense , Mahomes , Kelce , Williams, Hill , Watkins , Sheesh

Adonis Wilson

Three of these plays happened in the Superbowl even tho I love my boy Mahomes Williams deserved MVP

Gary Haye

I know this is about Williams but Hill is so fast

Cristian Ramirez

Make Tyreek hill at I running back and wide receiver

John Brown

He said “Good night San Francisco”


Should have been Co-MVP. They both deserved it.

fred davis

Williams was a beast out of the backfield for us when needed this year! He earned his spot on this roster in many ways! Good job young man! Good job you Super Bowl Champ!

Luke Lyon

Everyone knows Williams one of the best running back in the league plus Damien Williams =dash

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