Damien Williams’ 2019 Season Highlights | Kansas City Chiefs – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
scarecrow _

This guy is a beast.

Andrew Reed

Such an underrated RB

AJ 47

I agree


The most inconsistent running back in recent Chiefs history lol he’s boom or bust but I like em

    Andrew Reed

    To be fair he was injured for a large part of the season, and our o-line play has been really inconsistent

Ayden Keesler

He’s good but he’s no Nigerian Nightmare

Rob First

Fits Andy Reids scheme perfectly!!


I love when Tyreek catches up to people to walk them in.

Todd P

He’s gonna get a load of screens on Sunday.

paul pogba

Chris Jones highlights please!

RamblinroseDigger Winton

Sherman needs too play more in fullback for Damien. He creates the run lane so good.

Jill Shinn


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