Dallas Releases Kicker Brett Maher | Cowboys Flashback – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Dallas Releases Kicker Brett Maher | Cowboys Flashback

The Dallas Cowboys released kicker Brett Maher after missing his tenth field goal of the season in Thursday night’s loss to the Bears. In this episode of Cowboys Flashback, Dani Sureck discusses who Maher’s replacement is and how the Cowboys can change the narrative to snap their 3-game losing streak.

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Jaden Sanchez


Russell Jennings

Bye bye Maher yay

Jordan K

This back 7 is pathetic


Dumb move


I wonder how many kicks Kai is going to miss

Pablo Feliciano

Yeah at 6 and 7 you still there but if you keep playing like you’re playing even if you make it to the playoffs like you’re playing right now forget it forget it you need to play tougher odd front defense hello cornerbacks and safety need to tighten it up step up to the ball please get in the interception hello let’s play like you mean it as far as I know you play teams that are not good you betta everybody gets excited you play a team that’s good and we’re hoping to see how real the Cowboys are they can’t beat these teams hello something’s wrong I don’t know man I’m a Cowboy fan but let’s be real this is what’s going on 6 + 7 you saying you still got a chance for Super Bowl we need to get together man play some real football smart football less penalties play smart if you want to win go Cowboys

    William Greene

    Although I’m sure you had a valid point somewhere in your comment, but a PERIOD would make your statement a whole lot more readable…just a thought.


    I am falling back on my #2 team this year…KC. I feel good watching them. Mahomes is as fun to watch as Romo was.

crip records

Thank you for the updated news.

Abraham Gonzalez

Stop giving this clown the publicity that he wants. It’s a distraction! We need to win!


Jason Witten cannot be in the starting line up any more

    Nece Lynn

    And why not?😏


    @Nece Lynn cause there’s another TE who’s younger and more athletic and catches the ball when thrown to him

    Nece Lynn

    @C.J.C I know. I just wanted to know if you’ll reply back. 😉

David Cantu

I was really rooting for Maher to get it together, but we needed the change, hopefully he lands on his feet, or he can always ride his bike with his partner going door to door, always thought he was a Mormon 🤷‍♂️

Scott Greer

Whatever the kicker ? So what .

Scott Greer

It’s not good I’m a fan but man this team keeps choking and choking and … this year dont matter who coaches even next year as long as Jerry is running it they’ll never go to SB maybe with Steven but then again Stepson A might be right I dont like him whatsoever but maybe Romo is the best Coach.

Scott Greer

I like Prescott he’s having a good year but in bad weather. Romo was much better but yeah that’s over but some of the throws lately and the o line cant block anymore it seems on run plays .


    It’s like watching the bad team Romo years again. Run Dak, Tony did most of his career until no one blocked. Then it got to where he was mugged on every play.

    Deja Vu is very real and telling.


Jason Garrett is next


Dak won’t lead us to anything.

    Tyler webb

    He makes more money than you.

Homer Balderas

Only the Cowboys would hype up a kicker change as if it’s the missing part of the puzzle….the problem isn’t just the kicker..

    King Drekilla

    It’s a start

    Justin Albritton

    No duh bro!

Gage Owen

Sign Donald De La Haye he is a kicker. Also he can receive punts and receiver

Gage Owen

Kai is not good

paul conner

10 years for the Cowboys and 6-7 Please Fire Jason Garrett

kjv lightsaber - sword of the spirit - word of god

*on a double thursday night, cowboys have more experience than any other team. kris richard sabotage the team by playing turnovers first and tackling second and made trubisky and the worst offense look good. brett maher has middle distance color blindness. have maher kick long range field goals 50-60 yarders, and sign another kicker to kick middle distance field goals – carry 2 fg kickers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????????????????????????????????*

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