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Dak Prescott’s Future in Dallas | Talkin’ Cowboys

The Cowboys have made clear their top priority is to sign Dak Prescott long term. The crew dives into that topic as well as other big roster decisions looming this offseason.

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Albert Vidal


Otis Ochoa

When do they start talking about the cowboys. I love watching u guys but damn lol lets get to the boys!!!!!

    Shamell Davis

    That’s how I feel


    That’s the reason I miss broaddus

    Shamell Davis

    You can catch Broaddus on trust a tape Podcast


7yrs 200 million 100% guaranteed he gets paid and long term job security and the first 200 mill contract we get him at 28.6 a year


    J.R T You’re on crack.

    Broderick Johnson

    Is this a possible deal…

    Jessy Gianni

    @Broderick Johnson I sure hope not 😂

Jared Grimes

No more Jason Witten please. Maybe a backup..

    Nathaniel Osborne

    Lol….retire….and stay retired!! With all due respect to him, because he was da man in his heyday!! No doubt Hall of Famer!


Love your heart WITT!!!! but the 2 superbowl teams had YOUNG ATHLETIC TIGHTENDS We need to modernize the position! Anybody that played with A “starting” ROMO needs to bow out and turn over the keys to the future!

Eddie V

We need everyone in camp.

Jimmy Rudd

They talk about nothing too much

Broderick Johnson

If signing Dak to massive deal prevents them from signing guys to get this defense corrected I say hell NOOOOOO!!!

    Clay Cup

    You got it, thats championship mentality

    Rob Handy

    Bullshit.Say That About The Other Qbs That Getting Paid.They Still Have Teams Around Them.Cause You Clowns At Like The Draft Doesn’t Exist.Cheap and Good to Great Players.Dont Need ALOT OF EXPERIENCE FREE AGENTS.That Never Works Anyway

    Jessy Gianni

    @Rob Handy the problem is Dak can’t elevate the team he is a solid qb who deserves his money but if we couldn’t win with Dak on a rookie deal how are we gonna build a championship team with Dak making 35ish million a year… We aren’t put the transition tag on Dak if a team signs him we can get 2 first round picks if not we see how he looks with a new coach next year then make the decision


Stop! Jones was so bad at saftey they where on the verge of cutting him until Richard got there and moved him back to corner. Leave him at corner or let him sign elsewhere!

Sera Ashley

Dak oh Dak….great guy, just to up and down and not good against good teams AS OF LATE! He’s regressing

    k m

    Its his worse season but its all on dak..

    because he couldn’t run behind the oline, he couldn’t block for zeke so zeke can explode… He couldnt turn the ball over by helping the defense… He couldn’t stop the run With the defense. Or put pressure on other teams QB… Its all because of dak… Its all daks fault.

    You know… All those cheese head packers were saying…
    Aaron Rodgers can play with nobodies.. all he need is a decent defense and he can carry the team without a nunber 1 receiever.. Okay what happened ?? Now theyre all saying he has no receivers… And they were able to make it to the playoffs.. Okay sounds like an excuse.

    Lmk when football becomes a 1 man game.

    Jessy Gianni

    @k m The defensive was average last year, I agree they need to be better but seriously criticizing the offense. We have a great oline top 5ish one of the best running backs in the league and 3 legit wrs I hate the excuses of course it’s not all on Dak but this year against the better D’s he played bad straight up first it was Dez and witten were too old than the offensive coordinator had to go than the oline was injured now the head coach when does the blame reach Dak ever?? He’s asking for top 5 money he’s not a rookie anymore I’m judging him like a franchise qb

Chris Graham

Jeudy,Delpit/Diggs/Fulton will slide,Aiyuk/Ruggs/ Igbinoghene /Gladney will rise after combine

Dwayne Adams

If we try to tag Dak I hope he leaves us. To see him make what 3-4 million for 4 years on the that rookie deal. That’s total, year I under 1 million, 4th year before he gets around 2 million, and never redo his deal early to reward him for 2 division titles, rookie of the year, a playoff win, never missing a start, career best #’s in this final season of his contract 1st season with new coordinator, 40-24 career record, (that’s top 2-3 in the league for any qb over that span) his leadership, workethic, attitude, 302 yds 3 td’s, 1 int, in playoff loss to packers while defense gave up 34 pts. And 266 yds, 1 passing td, 1 rushing td, (more yards than Goff, 0 TDS for goff) while zeke got 47 yds on 20 carries and our defense got torched for 460 yds, 277 on the he ground with 2 different guys going over 100) Then were paying zeke who’s rookie deal had already made him like 10+ million early and most ever at running back, Lawrence record contract, 3 offensive lineman in top tier contracts. Jaylen Smith gets a deal early after early after 1 full and healthy season. I’d leave too. When he wins no credit stats not good enough, when he looses (8-8) but has career stats his record not good enough. Should have done something a year or two ago early for him and he would have gladly taken less money but we didn’t. If we didn’t think he was our guy should have benched him and gave Romo the job back when he was healthy. Dak earned the job and he’s earned a top contract, he’s done everything we’ve asked him to do in the highest pressure and most scrutiny position in the league and probably sports period, QB of the Dallas Cowboys. Hope they pay u Dak, I wouldn’t want to see u go but I’ll never blame you

derek meese

Man this show has gone to crap now that Brian has left hard to try and watch now. At least Brian kept everyone on track and talking about Cowboys all Mickey and this new guy does is live in the 1970’s.

    Shamell Davis


Dwayne Adams

2019 qbr, Mahomes #2, Prescott #4 2019 stats Mahomes 65.9% 4,031yds, 8.3 per completion, 288 yds game, 26 td, 5 int. Prescott 65.1% 4,902 yds, 8.2 per completion, 306 yds game, 30 td, 11 int. Mahomes had Andy Reid calling plays and Dak had Kellen Moore, (1st season as oc)

Dwayne Adams

Chiefs TE, Kelce, #4 ranked in receiving in league. #1 for TE’s. Cowboys TE Witten, #80 in league, #15 for TE’s

Doug Tyree

past time to move on from dak the duk thrower, he wants way too much, Kill the Teams cap, Don’t over pay for Average.

Doug Tyree

Can the Boys Tag dak & then trade him? B4 the draft?


Dak is a good QB but not good enough that they need to bend over backward for him. Four seasons, one playoff win. He’s a good QB, but I sure hope Jerry and Co don’t get fooled into overpaying for another player.

Ms. Felony Strutter


Ms. Felony Strutter

AL Harris is big on toucing the WR as well Mr. P I

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