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Jared Grimes

Word on the street is there’s no more excuses.
Let’s fucking go D4K

Don Devprakash

Dak very happy to see you back. I think the thumb injury (silver lining) helps you get over your older leg and calf injury because you seem hesitant to run (and your a dual threat QB (look at Jalen) ) Be confident young man, that’s who you are!

    Johnell Hill

    @Say Cheese QB#1 DC4DAK!


    Hurts sucks. Don’t compare that fraud to D4K. Hurts can’t pass


    @loaddabowl Neither can Dak.


    @BenTramer daddy Dak owns hurts and the eagles.

matthew cantu

Can’t wait to see Dak back in action


    Me too


No more excuses dak let’s ball out that’s it. Go boys!

    National Brazilian American Football League

    Funny if the coaches dont plan and coach the talent can only go so far!


    @National Brazilian American Football League <------- Already making excuses for Dak.

nico #99

“Be where your feet are” 🙏🙏

Blake Eden


Alex M

The Man is back just in time 🤞🏽🤞🏽🤞🏽

Michael Marin

I think the confidence of the rest of the team is going to help with Dak getting back to business.

    Freddie Settles

    Also Jason Peter’s experience will help with Dak’s confidence. Dak has seen how this offensive line is better than at game one.

Jay Lombardii

Good to have you back Dak 🫡4️⃣

J Jones

Hopefully the thumb is 100% because I’m definitely happier when he’s playing. If you don’t like him that’s your problem so keep it moving. I don’t need your negativity.

Presidential Dame

Our leader is back welcome back to the Dak attack so happy i can’t believe everyone tried to replace you with Cooper rush smh everyone owes Dak an apology let’s show em why you’re the franchise QB💪🏾💯

    Freddie Settles

    Rush being the backup qb with the team winning 4 out of 5 games was more than anyone expected. So shoutout for Cooper Rush. It definitely could have been worse.

Janet Sullivan

Welcome back dak Prescott 🙌🙏👏💪👍💯

Fidel Nalasco

Dak it’s good to have you back now let’s go win this on Sunday

Danny Ledesma

Team Dak!!! I know you got it in you to lead the Cowboys to a Superbowl

Justin Bradley

Glad to have you back Dak!! Rush did his job for 5 games and honestly did better than I think anyone could have imagined going 4-1… just hope we don’t start trying to throw 45 times just because dak is back under center. Excited for Sunday! Go Cowboys! DC4L!
Dallas – 34
Lions – 20


I love me some Dak! He is the man. Always knows what to say.So glad you are back you got this. Go show em what God gave you. Now you Ready to soar young man!

Ashlynne Shain

Dak is BACK!!!!!!! 👏 👏 👏 I can’t wait for the Shegals to come to Dallas in December!!!!!!!! If he had been in Philly playing we would have won that game easily!

Robert Shields

Welcome back Dak! Do your thing!!

Shawn Little

This is the reason why I like Dak Prescott because he’s been through so much adversity in his life losing his mom losing his brother I mean this man right here is the epitome of me of what every real man should be and what they ought to be be resilient stay true to yourself don’t listen to the outside continue to do what you do best and you will prevail in all foreign and domestic and that’s what that Prescott has did he has grown into the young man that he is and give him a chance to do what he can do I know that he can get us there just let him do what he does best

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