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Israel Landaverde

You guys can’t control anything 😂😂😂😂😂😂


Dak will leave because there’s too much drama in Dallas. Cooper will also leave. It’s hard to be part of a team that has been waiting for another shot for a quarter of a century already. Way too long, and us fans are too tired. If Dak’s smart he’ll force his way out of Dallas to explore all his options. What has the clapper & Jerry Jones shown for anyone to have belief at this point. All they do is waste careers & sell t-shirts.


    @Dana Jett Jerry Hasn’t sniffed an NFC title game in 24 years. Keep drinking the kool-aid you slappy.

    Rodolfo Cruz

    Dak said is the last game on his contract. Not that he’s leaving. Us Cowboys fans deserve a super along with the players we have now. Garrett has to go. Hope cowboys win this Sunday and giants beat the eagles

    Bryan Chavez

    money talks

    Jon Holt

    Bryan Chavez exactly too much sponsor money in Dallas for him to walk and a better tax rate?

    James Whitfield

    Leave,we won’t be loosing but backups which is what they both played like(no pro bowl votes)

Jacob Gonzales

This man feeling good off them perks

Phyllis Curley

Just do your best…see ya Sunday at AT&T!!!

    Rosetta Armstrong

    Y’all can do it

    Lands End

    His best isn’t good enough lol ..4 years! Same thing !

    Justin Quarles

    Lands End 4 years 40 wins, only Brady and Wilson have won more.

    Phyllis Curley

    To justin Q…Wilson has been playing since 2012 and brady forever…

    Chris Jensen

    Phyllis Curley 🤦‍♂️ And? He’s talking about the last 4 seasons since Daks been in the league. #DC4L

Cathy Leatherman


Kody Lennox

Oh look another interview of him sayin the right things over and over again! At some point it’s not about saying the right thing it’s about being the leader your team needs!

    Robby Radford

    Kody Lennox wait…….you’re complaining about what he says right during an interview, yet correlating a team sport loss to him…….dude

    Johnny Tijerina

    You want him to say the wrong things?

    John Pierce


    Alysia Liwanag

    What exactly do you want him to do? Say he’s frustrated and the team is inconsistent? Oh wait he already said that.

Darrius Marshall

Dak…bump what everyone says negatively. I can tell your mother raised you right. She is working through you and it shows. Good Job MOM
..and keep your head up Dak. Yeah…we as Cowboy Fans want it all, but we are fans not players.

    Shabazz Rgt

    Bullshit. Nothing to do with the character of Dak. This is All Only football. Dak Lost the game. Period. Not coaching.. Not play calling..Not defense. Minimally Dallas scores 29 pts worst case scenario if Not for Dan PrescNot’s InDakcurracy. 29 pts. I don’t count 3 pts we didn’t get because of Pollard fumble ..since that clearly had Nothing to do w DAK. He’s a rich grown azz capable young man. He don’t need you to baby him. He-Dak Lost the Eagles game. Period. And I have No hate for him. Even a blind man can see Dak has Improved in Every Aspect of his game. For Example.. He’s a great person..great leader.. hard workerer..will put in All the time..better understanding of defenses and what they are trying to do to him. He has Great command of our offense and concepts..what we want to do.. And why. Even accuracy. He’s Better every year at All of these things But..he is what his Scouting Report says. The bad part..that kills us is.. he Struggles w consistent Accuracy. Was on Full display Sunday. Period. Not hate.. Not being irrational..just football FACTS. You are either a Cowboys fan or a, Prescott fan.

    Michael Clark

    @Shabazz Rgt was dak responsible fore the 7 drops during the game?


    @Michael Clark he was responsible for all the miss throws, behind the back throws & he holds the ball too damn long. THAT’S ALL ON THE QB.

JiMMY WoodPecker

Alot of hate here. Dak is great man y’all need to watch film or something. He had about 5 bad throws but all QBs do. Only reason it’s sticking out is because the implications of the game. The key plays in the Eagles game Dak made the receivers didn’t 🤷🏾‍♂️. And don’t even get me started on the defense 🤦🏾‍♂️

    James Whitfield

    He’s been inconsistent all year, overthrowing or behind receivers and it’s been that way for over 2 yrs now

    James Whitfield

    @Robert Hutton too damn long to be playing like that

    James Richardson

    But in daks defense I do think that injury played a big part because I havent seen him that bad all year

    James Whitfield

    @James Richardson Tru I do agree,then run the damn ball Zeke was balling,

Lands End

How many times can say I’m getting better and not winning anything..

    Brian Daniel

    Read what you tried to say!

    Ahmed Chaibi

    Lands End What do u want him to say

    Lands End

    Brian Daniel 👍

    Lands End

    I want to hear some anger in that tone. And maybe he just ain’t the one, sucks but 4 years and same thing over and over and over just…sheeshx


Minially instead of Mentally. Come on Dak 😭😭🤣

Noe Salazar

Can’t blame everything on dak it’s a team effort so it everybody fault. So hopefully we get riley from Oklahoma sooner 🙏,merry Christmas and happy new years to everybody

wade cook

Game after game, Year after year blah blah blah. Dak your just not that accurate. Throwing behind receivers, throwing too high. Where’s the fruit from Qb’s coach John Kitna? What good is a warrior when you can’t make the important throws when they really count the most?


    Jesus Rangel well he throws behind more than half the time. But good thing is it’s still something he can improve on.

    Jesus Rangel

    @HolyJosie I agree with you on the bad throws. But I played reciever all through high school and If the ball is behind me and both my hands touch it then I need to catch it. All around the cowboys have played bad.


    @Jesus Rangel If your body’s going in a different direction than the ball is going how are you suppose to catch it? Dak is doing to his receivers what he did to his O-line last season…making them look worse than they really are


    @Jesus Rangel Nevermind what’s catchable and what isn’t, do you really believe that Dak doesn’t have good enough receivers? that they’re the problem?

    Jesus Rangel

    @PrettyTone10377 I believe that I have made those same catches with bad balls thrown behind me
    And I’m not a professional. And the same could be said for dak, I think three or four balls have been dropped and turned to picks. Like I said Dak should make a better throw, but the receivers need to make some of those catches. The team as a whole has been bad. Most drops in the league,And most miss tackles. All around bad play to throw around alot if blame.

Daniel Rodriguez

Damn I’m starting to miss romo now. He’s proved his football IQ on CBS is one of the best.

    IncogNito Revived

    It isn’t that hard to prognosticate from the booth where you have the All 22 view all the time. GAH

    Daniel Rodriguez

    IncogNito Revived true not going to argue with that but Dak also has a film room where all these formations are available I just think he second guesses to much. And has shied away from using his feet like he use to.

    IncogNito Revived

    @Daniel Rodriguez Using his feet is what got his shoulder fucked up to start with. I don’t blame him for dialing back that running. Isn’t that the over paid Saint Zeke’s job to EFFECTIVELY run that fucking rock?

    Dak watches film constantly. He’s the first player at the facility in the morning and along with Sean Lee is the last to leave in the evenings.

    Just an FYI: As long as Jerry Jones micro-manages which players get playing time (like the corpse of Jason Witten getting all the snaps while Jarwin… who can actually high point a catch and get YAC…. get one snap a game) fans are going to keep getting the same old same old. It amazes me that you people cannot see this.

    I sure hope like hell Dak gets out of Dallas, but they will probably tag him. BTW, I live in BIG TIME Saints country. Saints fans would love to have Prescott after Brees retires. They believe that Payton can make a champion of him. It’ called having an unbiased view. You Dak Haters should try it sometimes.

    Daniel Rodriguez

    IncogNito Revived believe it or not I’m a Dak fan I’m not going to bs and say I’ve been since Mississippi state bc I had never heard of him till he was drafted but seeing his progression from college till now he’s bought in and is a competitor. As a cowboys fan I just wish there was accountability on this team and it’s not about throwing people under the bus it’s about doing your multimillion dollar job. Yeah Jason Garett doesn’t know wtf he’s doing half the time and Jerry Jones wants to be responsible for all the success and not the failures. I just wish there was a atmosphere like you see in the patriots where bill doesn’t give af who you are if you’re not doing your job then your benched. And will hold you accountable as much as I hate the patriots you have to admit they’re doing things other teams aren’t. Excluding the small shot like the deflate gate and the recording the bengals side line which isn’t going to over shadow 15 years of success

Cathy Leatherman

I will be there watching my Cowboys … I am not critical in any way … why should I be … I’m a lifelong fan

Roz H

Yall stop asking Dak all them stupid dam questions..get over it ..almost Sunday again🙄Everyone else need to step up as well.. Team effort..Go COWBOYS

Robby Radford

I’m glad Cowboy fans don’t judge…..lololol. Dak is the only Man on this team who takes all the heat, yet doesn’t throw anyone under the bus.

    Stacy Lynn Sutherland

    @Felix Blaksley a leader of men ? Really ?stfu dumb a$$

    Stacy Lynn Sutherland

    @Clash with James 1 you gotta have enough throwing talent to get the ball close to your recievers ..dakk doesnt have it

    Felix Blaksley

    Stacy Lynn Sutherland Okay dumba$$. What your mommy don’t let you write bad words 🤪

    Felix Blaksley

    James Whitfield Mariota or bridgewater….u can’t be serious 🤢🤮🤮

Homer Balderas

I’ll be at the game Sunday to say good bye to Garrett!!

    James Medina

    Homer Balderas Dallas makes the playoffs wins a few games and in NFC Championship game. Garrett stays and Dak is signed to an extension.


    James Medina dw that won’t happen

    James Medina

    KingCarter3311 I wish! I really wanted the Cowboys to make the playoffs. They have the talent they just need to wake up.

Craziermicrobe 3

In my opinion I wish we had a actual coach that can help dak progress as a player, he’s ok but I believe he can be greater if we had that instead of a dude who stays on the sideline clapping his damn hands

James Tatum

He’s too nice. He should say “they need to learn how to catch”

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