Cris Carter: Minnesota Vikings Must Add A Wide Receiver With High-End Speed Via The Draft – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Cris Carter: Minnesota Vikings Must Add A Wide Receiver With High-End Speed Via The Draft

Minnesota Vikings Legend and Pro Football Hall of Famer Cris Carter talked with Cy Amundson about the odd nature of this year's NFL Draft and the impact that will have across the board, and then looks at some of the wide receivers available in the draft that could be targets for the Vikings.

Photo: Aaron M. Sprecher via AP

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Elliott Sjoquist

I agree


nice video keep it up

World Citizen Surf -- Stefan

So good to see #80. There he is… Mr Carter.

North StarState

Brandon ayiuk please

Tony Z

Justin Jefferson or the dude from Arizona state

Greg Hakes

The Vikings need to draft a receiver who will run effective medium routes. He must have great hands and be
able to find the open spot in the middle of the field. We don’t need a deep threat receiver because our offensive
line can’t hold up long enough, a deep threat receiver would be a Bust.

terry pitt

Got to have a deep threat, that’s how you take, the top off the defense! This type of WR will keep the defense honest, without this type player, Thelin will draw double coverage all season!

    lionel howell

    they still will have to learn, because the NFC has a lot of veteran corners and safeties that are CRAFTY but yes you are CORRECT they will cloud Theien…


This is an excellent take from CC. I agree on all points and I have literally been saying the same thing. We need a deep threat, and Ceedee Lamb has ridiculous hands. If we could get Tee Higgins or Justin Jefferson I would lose my mind. Ruggs would be my main choice but he’s going top 10

Cole Wagner

Ruggs III, Jefferson, Higgins, Aiyuk, Bryan Edwards, Chase Claypool.

    Shane Engler

    Definitely a good . List. But Riggs might already be gone. I’d be ok with moving up for him or juedy or lamb. If those obj rumors where actually true for even a moment maybe they feel that’s a better idea

    Shane Engler

    Definitely need to draft someone who is ready now more than later

Scott Tokarz

Gimme tee Higgins! Plz

lionel howell

Chris should look to start his own TALK SHOW SPORTS podcast.


Let Cris Carter suggest the one wide receiver who can put the Vikings over the top. After all he is an all time great!

Lordthicc- chunka

Brandon Aiyuk, Jalen Reagor, or Ruggs

Johnny Ledford

Cris and Randy was so much fun too. Watch love them two all time best duo

WolfCastle Wolfcastle

If Vikes are dumb enough to trade 1/2 of the “best” wr duo in the NFL!?…they should be smart enough to know/foresee they need to atleast try to replace it.
No matter how stubborn Zimmer is….still gotta be “able” to “throw” the ball.

Quiet Corner

I’m glad that I am old enough to remember watching CC back in the 90s. Carter-Reed then later Carter-Moss were great combos.

Linkz GP

🐐🐐🐐 Always a pleasure seeing CC talk football

sebastian mills

Wr/cb/ol in that order mark my word

asc alx

CC the legendary ‘cool hands’. Fox made a mistake by allowing him to walk…smh

Josh Thrush

We need a CB..we lost 1 WR..but we lost 3 CB’s

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