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John Smith

On 3rd & 1 during two different possessions in the 2nd half, Elliott did NOT get the football. Why pay a man like a bellcow but don’t use him?

    Jay 1989

    Bc the nfl is fake dont put so much thought into it

    Ryan Schuler

    Elliot got his head slammed to the turf. On the play before that 3rd and 1 and he took himself out of the game. Ain’t nobodies fault but Tony Pollards and a great play by Fletcher Cox to strip that ball out.

    Jalen Savage

    Jay 1989 so why you watching my guy

    Lane Briggs

    Zeke took himself out

Marc Jurchak

Cowboys played like they didn’t want to win

    Typik Recoil

    You cowboys fans have way to many excuses

    Marc Jurchak

    @Typik Recoil I’m an Eagles fan bruh, our backups played like hell and they played soft

    Brandon bates

    @Marc Jurchak You not a damn Eagles fan lol cut the crap

    Sean Wilson

    @DOJAx707 LOL

    Maciel Ruiz

    Nuh really…lol


Cowboys have a very dark future ahead 😂 a ridiculous amount of money tied to Zeke, Lawerance, Jaylon Smith and soon to be Dak and Cooper…. 5 guys eating that much cap is a recipe for disaster

    Snatcher Claus

    All I want for Christmas is a new coach and a new QB.

    Martin Munoz

    @Jacob Wilkie zeke is not running the ball like he use to anyway

    Mr. Carguy

    @Tony Scar right. And I commend your courage, Bills Fan! I’m happy y’all made the playoffs. You’ve suffered enough. Go as far as you can!

    I’m just waiting for you and the Jets to bring REAL competition to New England and make it a competitive division.

    Martin Munoz

    @kasper rieberg zeke wasn’t going to do anything anyway

    Martin Munoz

    @John Doe i am i like girls 💑

Derek Iulio


    Sean Wilson


Matt Foley

Watched on tv, late in 4Q you could hear Eagles fans chanting “Dallas sucks! Dallas sucks! Dallas sucks!” LMAO


    Matt Foley like they are any better lmao they just won a ticket to get beaten down in the wild card. Good for them I guess.

    iDrip2 22

    @MPDeity Should have chanted there superbowl are from years ago DELUSIONAL cowgirl fan


    @MPDeity I was at the parade and it was just as bad as any city. It’s called a celebration. I’m sure youll get one soon too. I understand it can be hard to remember 23 years back

David Gair

Jerry, This is professional football, not college football.


    Daniel Gomez I hate the cowboys as much as the next man, but that’s a dumb statement lol

    Poor Shroud

    No I’d rather watch college football those kids have something to prove these nfl high payed idiots get payed to play games like this


    David Gair 😂😂

    Jayden Rhone

    Daniel Gomez that would never happen lmao


    This game was way overhyped, I can’t wait for the XFL to start in February.


Skip Bayless on suicide watch

Khii SG

I just came to see the comments cuz ik its gonna be funny asf. Who else did?!?!?!

    Ryan Campbell

    I need Aaron Jones to show up for my fantasy championship so u guys better run the ball lol

    Rb6 For life

    Khii SG same I’m not even a fan of either team

    Sean Wilson

    Skins fan here, nothing but this to Enjoy LOL

    Skilled Scorpion

    Niners fan over here. Just came to see the comments.


    @Cesar Ovalle Eagles fan here, love watching you dog the Cowboys every year lmfao

Piyush Jain

Jason Garrett deserves to lose his job…
He got two good running back and they share 15 carries between them in a low scoring game..
Once Dak was considered a mobile qb, he got not a single designed run…
With all these playmakers, not a single creative play…
Dak is banged up (that’s what I heard all week) , and then he ended up throwing 44 times..
And look at the body language of players, no one (except for Gallup may be) seem pumped up for such an important game..

Bye Bye Garrett, good riddance!

    Vince Gedeon

    Yes theve stuck with Garrett waaaay long enuff if there smart he is fired 🤔😮😂 well see

    John Nichols

    Zeke has killed the Eagles in the past. Garrett should’ve been fired years ago. He suuuuucks!lol

    Papi chulo

    Bye bye garrett welcome urban meyer

    Mr. Carguy

    @based god 😂🙏😹

    Mr. Carguy

    When Zeke took HIMSELF out of the game, I was thinking, Zeke is hurt, and they’re not saying anything.

    He’s the focal point of the offense. When he’s out, it’s like the WHOLE OFFENSE fizzles out. For him to be on the sideline that much, in a game that big, I felt it was for a bad reason.

Bálint Vajda

Kevés a pont.Ugrott a mixem… 🙁

Mr. Sincere

Jerry Jones is the reason the ‘Boys don’t win # Hillbilly

    Chanc' Register


    Smith Gamer 56

    Yeah sure u guys just suck

    Cole Ritter

    @Smith Gamer 56 well then, who do you suggest we try to get to improve our team?

    Cabaza Ingram

    Smith Gamer 56 he wants his hands on everything that’s the problem.

    Zachary Brigman

    Mr. Sincere and Jason Garrett


I can’t wait till they fire garret than realize he’s not the problem.


    @Jared R Carolina Panthers have entered the chat

    Jim Johnson

    They have fired 5 offensive coaches to scapegoat Prescott and they keep finding out that the coaches are not the problem. But refuse to accept that a qb that can’t look down field at a college level can be a big problem.


    He’s a decent part of it lol. Something’s wrong for sure though. That much talent and you lose to the Eagles running on fumes and hate? Fly Eagles Fly! 🦅💚

Jonathan Swindell

Cooper looks uninterested 🤔


    Thats what I saw. It looked like he gave minimum effort on the field and he looked out of it at times

    Randy Williams

    I thought the same about JG. No passion about the game.

    Ambar Lee

    Cooper is hurt

    Snatcher Claus

    Cause he knows half the balls thrown to him are gonna be way off target.

Monk Mode

Cowboys are PATHETIC!!!


Eagles practice squad looked great booooiiiii!!!!!!🤣

    Anita Williams


    Acidic Flash

    And they say preseason doesn’t matter 😂

    Jeffrey 773

    @Acidic Flash exactly for the starters it doesnt…..for 2-4 string…yes


    They finally had an opportunity to play, I am really happy for them to realized their dream to play in the NFL.

Nolan Davis

Congrats Eagles fans and everyone for that matter on your win. I’m a Cowboys fan and we’ve been misled and I’m sorry that everyone had to watch that. They don’t deserve it and we all know it. Hopefully a new coach will get things turned around.

Jerry Villa

Garret has shown that he is not capable of creating a strategy for success. He has all the tools to do so. Not to mention he is also extremely conservative and lacks creativity.

    Randy Williams

    And appears to be extremely unmotivated!

Peter Ineleo

The past few days have been terrible for dallas sports franchises, first the mavericks blow a 30 point lead to the raptors bench, now the cowboys lose to the eagles 3rd stringers, that’s tuff


All of you fake Eagle fans who thought we were done need to be exiled too. GO BIRDS!!!!

    Jaylon Smith’s Recovered Knee

    Toidentity C mon be man enough to admit that your team isn’t going anywhere in the playoffs

    God of Disco

    Sixers 2020 ECF Winners


    @Jaylon Smith’s Recovered Knee I’ll be man enough to admit we will make the playoffs. I remember when Wentz got hurt during our Superbowl run. I said we would still win the Superbowl. As long as we have Wentz and Cox on the field we always have a chance to win the Superbowl. I’m a true fan! Go Birds!


The better team won

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