Cowboys Sign Kicker Kai Forbath ‘You Make Kicks You Stay Around’ – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Junior D

You make the kicks you stay around, guess Garrett forgot Maher was missing….

    Jordan Bridge

    Cali Smooth also known as Jerry Jones


    @Cali Smooth What makes you think Garret has wanted a new kicker since week 8? What did i miss?

    Adam Ortiz

    @Cali Smooth hard to replace a kid with a cannon for a leg he will find a new job


    Denial is the word you are looking for🤗


Welcome to the show. Let’s see if you last longer than Garrett.

Danny Barrera

Let’s Go boyz!

Dakota B.

Don’t make me hate you please

Taels the fox

please make the kicks even better than maher dont fail on us please

    Rhythm Styx

    Which would be incredible if he wasn’t missing 40 yrdrs. Since he is it’s only 3

    Adam Ortiz

    @Rhythm Styx again no one has done more…….

    Rhythm Styx

    Adam Ortiz
    Done more to help the other team beat us……

    Adam Ortiz

    @Rhythm Styx I still think we should have 2 kickers lol you cant find a leg like that everyday

    Rhythm Styx

    Adam Ortiz thank God. I wouldn’t look for a leg ………

Nancy Cowan

Best of luck!

Greico Rolle

Garrett wanted a new kicker for a while, but old man Jerry wouldn’t allow him to. I know Garrett isn’t a great coach but Jerry needs to let him coach

    David W

    Jerry is Jerry that’s the cowboys way

    The Sports Man

    He basically convinced jerry to draft Dak

    Sam Sanchez

    Greico Rolle the cowboys atmosphere is just bitter. Needs a coaching change bring in Urban Meyer and you will win games!

    Arty Munoz

    Jerry Jones is a garbage GM


    @Sam Sanchez if Jerry gives him full power as a coach

Serg Joel

Imagine your jersey put in the hall of fame for an amazing performance, and the same year you’re fired lol life

    Chill Senpai

    Serg Joel 💀😭


He looks like a cousin of Jason Garrett

    Evan Schirm

    Lmfaooo you ruined him for me🤣🤣

    Ali Muhammad

    He looks like cole Beasley


    LMAO im dying!!!

    Bryan Chavez

    wouldn’t be surprised anymore

    Ravi Patel

    steve nash


Welcome to Dallas! Do your job and make the fans proud. We believe in you. LET’S GO COWBOYS!!!

Austin Powers

Good luck lad! Our fans are brutal, so don’t miss anything 😂

    Talkin Bout Nawlins

    More like a bunch o bandwagon morons who suck as bad as the team…..for 23 years now.

    Michael Clark

    You’re too stupid to realize it makes zero sense to call them bandwagon fans when they’ve sucked for 23 years


    @Talkin Bout Nawlins so if they’ve sucked for 23 years, how would we be bandwagon fans? Seems like it would be the opposite. So, please, keep your opinion to yourself because no one asked for it! 🙂

Zeke Prescott

Sir kick the ball and let us not lose because of kicks. This is cowboys footballer not Browns and Dolphins. 🤦🏼‍♂️

Zzz 970

Let’s goooooooooooo a new kicker after 14 weeks…… better late than never 🤷🏽‍♂️


Maher Is gonna get picked up this week by another team and in the probably having a dam good career this will be our luck

    Dontae M

    Just like Dan Bailey

    Ray P.

    Should of kept dan bailey . Idk what happened he missed and lost his confidence

    Ry Dawg

    Ray P. Jimmy Johnson said in the 1993 America’s game that a kicker missed a couple of kicks that could’ve won them the game and the kicker approached him and told Johnson I lost my confidence and Johnson said that’s all he had to hear so he cut him and found a new kicker cowboys should’ve done this way earlier but why I’m referring to that is Garrett was on that team as a back up qb and he refers to Johnson as one of the greatest coaches ever but then Garrett does in jimmy like things like Johnson would’ve cut Maher after that Green Bay game he wouldn’t of waited till now to do it

    Michael Clark

    Dude, use your god damn periods and commas. Nobody is reading this giant run on sentence.


    Dan Bailey was good for us. He just got injured.

My Friends Call Me Lou

Not a good sign when he’s been with 6 teams already 😬

    James Perez

    My Friends Call Me Lou he has a 85% percentage. He’s solid, more consistent than Maher. Won’t have the leg but he has the accuracy

    Clash with James 1

    James Perez so if we’re on 4th downs we have to go for it more often since he can’t kick as hard

    Jared John

    I don’t care about the leg, it’s so frustrating sending maher out there for a 50-50 shot at something like the 45-50 yardline, at least we’ll only send kai out there when we’re close to his range

    Connor Branach

    Robert Quinn (DE) is on his 4th team. I don’t hear anybody complaining about him. It’s a job dude people relocate all the time.

David W

Cowboys need more than just a new kicker but it’s a start

Marcel Stephens

we going need all help we can get because the eagles just won in overtime.

Jake Chavez

Who thinks that Boys r beating the Rams?😕

    Adam Ortiz

    I thought we were gonna beat the last 4 teams


    Tha Boyz don’t even believe they will beat the Rams lol 😎


    I mean, I love the cowboys. But idk man…

    Ant live

    We dont have a chance the way were poorly playing smh

    levi mcmillan



He seemed sort of nervous during this interview… let’s hope that doesn’t transfer too much to the field. 😬🤞🏾 #CowboysNation

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