Cowboys Mic’d Up vs. Eagles ‘I’m Gonna Take a Shot Again’ | Sounds from the Sideline – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Shirley Kee

I love the cowboys

    Parker Irish man Johnson

    Shirley Kee They are playing bad why do you love them? 🤣

    Saad Syed

    Parker Irish man Johnson same reason anyone loves any other team

    wavy__ jay

    Parker Irish man Johnson they don’t gotta be good to like them. That just means you a die hard fan😴

    Snatcher Claus

    I love my memories of the Cowboys teams that actually gave a damn.

    Aj Retana

    @Parker Irish man Johnson He still likes them because he already knows what goes down all the time. That’s the life of a Dallas fan.

Sam Arras

that’s week 16 vs philadelphia -.-

Jonathan Hernadez

The title is wrong


    Shouldn’t be surprised. It’s the Dallas Cowboys, they can’t get Coaching or G.M. right either.


so the eagles are now from la and called the rams

    Parker Irish man Johnson

    Saad Syed You are obviously trolling and it isn’t good but if you want to think I am her then go ahead but you are just making yourself look dumb

    Parker Irish man Johnson

    Dead Lion You don’t even know her that well I don’t know her that much either but you are clearly just assuming things right out of your arse

    aaron rogers

    @Parker Irish man Johnson are you an eagirls fan?

    Parker Irish man Johnson

    aaron rogers No I’m a Vikings fan I’m assuming this so called Kamryn was a Cowgirls fan? Just like you???

    aaron rogers

    @Parker Irish man Johnson im a cowboys fan. Kamryn vanatta is an eagirls fan. That’s why I’m asking cause yall got the same attitude. Just thought maybe yall were a transexual couple.

Edgar Flores

This is sad

    Parker Irish man Johnson

    Edgar Flores Ya think???!?!?!?!!!!!?


Lose to Washington so you can get a higher draft pick


    Lava LifeGuard how stupid are you? Can you not see each of my comments to you start with your name? That means I clicked on your comment to respond to it, Einstein


    Asmodeus You’re mean. How are you just going to expose that kids mom like that?


    The Po Pos oh she’s got that super soaker. I’ll send you her number

    The Po Pos

    Asmodeus k thanks brother

Erick Mack

Even the titles are losing. Abandon ship

Jose Kuervo

Only dope thang from them boyz is their uniforms…color schemes lit

Zarif Hashmi887

The cowboys better be ready next year, cuz I’m tired of them losing to many times bro 😭😤


    They’ll go 13-3 and lose in the divisional round.

    mikey joe

    We are at best 5 years from a superbowl run….we outta there

    Affiliate Genius

    @WiperHunter exactly

    Cool Story bro

    You are so right they always lose the divional round


Wrong title

Diego Natal

Title is wrong

j reid

You know what I just saw why we are a joke if you look closely at when Richard as he is yelling you see jaylnn smith laughing. That right there should tell us fans if they not taking it seriously then why should we smh we loseing and he’s laughing wtf 1:46 you see number 54 jallyn laughing smh no heart just money and fame


    j reid
    That’s because they know if there’s a difference of opinion between coach and player the can back door their coach and talk to Jerry and he’ll give them a pat on the back and everything will be ok

    j reid

    @WiperHunter but didn’t dez have one on one with Jerry, then got released


    j reid
    Jerry’s adopted son Sean Lee convinced Jerry to cut him.

    Snatcher Claus

    They go home sleep in their mansions, drive their 12 different lambo’s all on our dime and don’t care about nothing else. Jason Witten is probably the last HOF we’ll have cause none of these other guys give a damn.


You wanna chance to make a lot of money with minimal effort and a shot at being Jerry’s next adopted son, then join the cowboys. You wanna chance to raise the trophy of trophies, and own a ring to remind you and everyone of your accomplishment, join another team.

Metal Dave

Last week, Cowboys look superbowl bound, yesterday Cowboys look like a 7-8 team, no consistency in playing, cant win to many games or the Division title without being consistent!!

    Snatcher Claus

    Considering they were going up against essentially was a practice squad they look a lot worse than 7-8.

Darth WarMac88

Still with the Dallas Cowboys but man, Dallas sucks so bad, hopefully Garrett is fired and the rest of the coaches. Smh Go Cowboys baby!


    A vhange of yesmen wont fix the problem, it begins with Jerry Jonea himself.

    He is more rhan happy with tv ratings and you cowboys fans continuing to buy the merch of a losing team for the past 23 years.

    Darth WarMac88

    @Xzvius true that! And yeah, it will happen. Smh

Jaguar Warrior

I had the Cowboys winning all the way. A win was on my wish list and that’s what all cowboy fans expected. Progress, Success, and Total Domination but it played out to be otherwise from high expectations to complete failure.

Luis Cordova

This is what happens when they release Dez Brian and Cole Beasley!!! If Beasley was there he can caught those 🏈!!

Dead Lion

MG young killer was the only one show up to play. Everyone needs to thumbs down this shidd

Affiliate Genius

Cowboy players if you’re reading this. y’all have wasted 24 years of my life. I’m done with yall.

    Adam Barnett

    You wasted it, dude. That’s on you.

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