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Kalel311 superman

i guess the season is over for me too i will not even watch the super bowl because it will be the patriots vs who cares

    trll tv

    Ravens or the Chiefs coming out of the AFC, hopefully the Saints or 49ers/Seahawks or Packers for the NFC


    Kalel311 superman patriots won’t make it bro


This thumbnail is total cringe

    Parker Irish man Johnson

    ZombrainZzZ YA THINK!?!?!?

Russell Jennings


    Parker Irish man Johnson

    Russell Jennings I beg a pardon sunny boy but my instincts say that you are incorrect with ya wanker opinion!


Eagles didn’t kill the cowboys chances. The cowboys killed the cowboys chances. The cowboys beat themselves, 1/3 of eagles team was hurt and they blew it. Cowboys were handed a million dollars and butterfingers caused them to drop in a bonfire. Fire Garrett. Bye


    Grimps Jago If he isn’t fired I will quit watching football. He is in his last year of his contract. He has to be fired. Idk why he wouldn’t have resigned him if his job wasn’t on the line. I could be wrong but I’m done with Garrett. He couldn’t lead a dog to a piece of bacon man.

    Grimps Jago

    @JXFIT I feel you bro. Watching Garrett smile in the sidelines it’s like being in a abusive relationship up’s and down’s.

    aaron rogers

    I have anxiety problems after this season

    Shabazzrgt007 Bazz

    @Grimps Jago he shouldn’t be. Coaching was fine..plays to be made. Dak lost this game

    Shabazzrgt007 Bazz

    Wasn’t Garrett. Dak lost this game

Adrian Gonzalez

Our defense was such a disappointment this year… Dak doesn’t 35+ million, Zeke regressed and our coaching staff still sucks. Another wasted year.


Eagles will lose, in fact, I bet the eagles will have lost by their halftime, and the cowboys will know that all they need to do is win and they will do what they do best; they will blow it!

    Sosaddi 1

    WiperHunter ok


    Can’t lose games at halftime. Eagles were down 17-3 at half vs NYG and still won.

Gaydy Donley

Played with no hussle or urgency.

Jazzmine Jackson

Still my team for life. Just keep going and never give up. We just have to want it more than the other team and our game plan needs to be on point.

Jorge Rivera

This is the stupidest heading ever….the cowboys lost this game the eagles didnt do anything different than before. Eagles still putting up 17 to 20 points like the whole year. Yet cowboys didnt prepare right! Cowboys lost this game based on Unprepareness….

    Parker Irish man Johnson

    Jorge Rivera Ya know ya might be a right boy but me instincts say that you are a bull shyter and a focker of a man who knows nothing

Saad Syed

We’re not America’s Team. Just stop it

Snoop Brown

This is so difficult to hear… They spoke of confidence & how good they felt but didn’t show up…. You can’t say too talented when we are now 7-8😩… You can’t say watch the tape & come out worse than the previous game😤😤😤 idk maybe they did it on purpose…

Santiago Gonzalez

Cowboys are just bad.It was cowboys fault

    Santiago Gonzalez

    The old days when cowboys were barely making it to the nfc championship


    Being unprepared every other game is on coaching…its been a problem for a long time…this team can beat anybody with a real coach and jerry stays out the way

Lee Roy Gonzalez

Cowboys killed Cowboys chances, did u all see the same game. Cowboys had no passion, just going through the motions. Time to get rid of coaches and Jones as GM. This mess needs to get cleaned up, once and for all

Lorraine Nisbet

They title has no hope at all and they didn’t kill us we killed our chances


Time to tune into the Cowboys propaganda network. Maybe y’ all can bring in Nick Eatman to tell us he thinks JG is awesome again. Then we can have a segment with JJ screaming into his pillow. Thanks for tainting the star for the last 20 years with mediocrity.


    Yep! But they trust him…i wanna see Donavan Wilson back there…he was a ball hawk in preseason but they refuse to use him other than special teams


In the game Cowboys were not that good against the Eagles why would they sub out Amari Cooper and Randall Cobb well whatever Eagles got the win let’s go Fly Eagles Fly


We are going to watch the tape put our eyes forward and learn from this game . ( Jason Garret ) 🤣🤣🤣


Jaylon should retire so Jerry gets his money back.

Danny Evans RC Enthusiast Rhode Island

Jeff Heath bothers me so bad. I’ve been watching this punk since his debut with the Cowboys. Over rated as a hard hitter. Does he really bring the good wood??? Sucks in coverages. Gotta give him props on his special teams play. It’s where he belongs.


Great game video Dallas Cowboys! I always enjoy the on the field players perspectives!

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