Cowboys Break: What’s Missing? | Dallas Cowboys 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Cowboys Break: What’s Missing? | Dallas Cowboys 2019

As we break down the Rams offense, the crew directs the focus back to the Cowboys to try and find the “little things” that seem to add up to a bigger issue.

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Giffond Hall

whats missing? how bout getting a new headcoach?

    Henry Hill

    Do we want Myer or Riley? That’s million dollar question.

Charlie Hinkson

go boys

    Stacy Lynn Sutherland

    Hell yea ,screw the doubters. This team is going to win out !! To go 9 and 7

Henry Hill

Show so so boring

Ben Israel

Jerry Jones’s *RESIGNATION*

Henry Hill

Cowboys love love to gamble in the draft . Gregory , Smith , hill , taco , and knew about Lve neck history still took him.

Stacy Lynn Sutherland

Everyone has lost faith in the dalkas cowboys , very few people think they stand a chance against the rams. Im not among them I still have faith in my team I truly believe that dallas is going to win out. To go 9 and 7 . As for the playoffs I havent thought that far ahead yet.

    David Patton

    Considering your scenario of winning out…Dallas will be the #4 seed playing on Wild Card weekend against a #5 seed that could very possibly have 10 or 11+ wins under their belt. Given that scenario…it will be perhaps the toughest game of our season to win.

Ryan Nason

What’s missing? Competent leadership. After 25 years I’m done with this team yo

David Patton

What’s missing?? A coaching enthusiasm. Or strategy. Or anything that can generate a win against any team at or above .500

Ch Hy

Its simple the Dallas Cowboys players haven’t feared any coach since Jimmy Johnson . …thats what they’ve been missing . .jerry Jones just try it man …your pretty much getting in your own way

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