Cowboys Break: Players or Scheme? | Dallas Cowboys 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Cowboys Break: Players or Scheme? | Dallas Cowboys 2019

Today’s show touched on several topics from the playoff picture to the question if blame should be placed more on the players or the scheme from the coaches.
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T Landry Reply

I can’t help but wonder which of the upcoming games Lee will get injured in.

    MrFluffysteel Reply

    He gets injured because he’s a hard player. Look around the league – see how many are injured as we speak. What’s their excuse??


Its Jerry Jones, hopefully Steven does better

NovaLegion Reply


Dana Brinkmeier Reply

Who deserves to play more ?…you ask…. well, can you honestly say that Jason Witten is the best roster player to play TE ?..or is it his past HOF history of play that keeps him in that roster spot ?

Jimmy Rudd Reply

Can’t believe these guys didn’t know Joe Namath was in Hall of Fame

    Kinto \》 Reply

    well done!

Snatcher Claus Reply

Cowboys Offseason Goals:
1.) Fire Garrett
2.) Hire a REAL HC
3.) Trade Dak for as much as possible

A Lee Jackson Reply

I believe the Eagles will take the division, because no one has won the eastern division in back to back years in a long time, besides I’d rather have the higher draft pick. Fly Eagles fly. Lol.

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