Cowboys Break: Now What? | Dallas Cowboys 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Cowboys Break: Now What? | Dallas Cowboys 2019

The season is over and there are changes coming. The crew discusses Jason Garrett’s future and more.

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Gabriel Rodriguez


Addi E.


BtwBrandon 21


Cody McKernan

Go cowboys 😭

Mike Sherms Number 1 fan



Urban Meyer we ready

214 prod. 214

Fire Garrett like if you agree


    They did

    Sardxk Dazxb

    No leave him there . To much changes every year

    Brian Waller

    @Rowzy nothing officially that was false


    You can’t fire someone who doesn’t have a future contract with the team…

    214 prod. 214

    Mister where he won’t get fired but he won’t get an a a aContract

King Danny


Slayer 717

So is JG fired?? Cause that’s the buzz going around the interweb RN guys! That’s what us fans wanna know. Not just all the stats we already know.

    Brian Waller

    Nope. He’s getting resigned and bringing in new coordinators


    They can’t fire someone who doesn’t have a future contract with the team…

Cole Sherwood Vlogs

Rip da boys

wayne pinkney

This is the worst of all the shows


Get better cowboys

Derek Smith Sr.

Did it happen yet?

Ed Grabowski

This was a brutal season, I can’t believe the way this team played. They don’t have the heart of a champion.

Manuel Cavalier

Cowboys #1
2020′ season not to far away
Let’s get over this pouting crap
Cowboys will bounce back
Stop all this analyze crap already
I’m a True Blue Cowboys Fan’
But I hate All The Drama about the Cowboys from JJ to Coach G players STOP STOP STOP Everybody has a hand in it

Jones 1

Hire Urban Meyer. He is a winner. Please Jerry

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