Cover 4: Make or Break Matchups in #WASvsDAL | Dallas Cowboys 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Little Stetter


Skankhunt 42

It’s over

    The List

    wearing all black,seems fitting

David Alaniz

when I grow up I’m going to play football and I’m going two be on two teams the first team is going to be on the cowboys and the second team is going to be on the Texans

    XD Gaming

    David Alaniz Through free agency. Unless you’re traded or drafted.

    David Cantu

    Yes sir! Keep working hard and grinding buddy, hopefully the Cowboys and I’ll buy your Jersey! 🎅👍🤠

XD Gaming



It’s not over till the fat lady sings😡

    Brian Waller

    I can see you’re still buying the bullocks jerry is selling lol

    J C

    @Brian Waller not happy, Jason and Jerry sux, I was just saying…

David Cantu

Looked under my Tree and NO Tay🤷‍♂️🎅😢

David Cantu

Kudos to Lael, great job brother 🎅👍🤠🍻

Slayer 717

They ain’t gonna fire JG guys. Save your breath. Jerry is gonna allow him to finish off his contract year then let him walk. And we’re probably gonna lose this skins game too. Even for some reason Dallas still made the playoffs they’d be one and done. JG can be a out coached by a T-ball coach.

    E RG

    Fr I’m a boys fan but it dont matter who win the east we all trash this year

Brian Waller

Sorry make or break was last week. And this team failed and failed miserably

    russ bartlett

    Still can get it..

    Brian Waller

    @russ bartlett yeah and I can win the lottery as well.


The Cowboys don’t deserve to go to the playoffs!!! They played like a high school team all season!! Beat up the really bad teams, then lose to the good ones. Except for the jets!!

Ken Roberts

TOTALLY agree on lack of FOCUS! FOCUS and DESIRE, as a fan, just have not seen either one at all since week 3.

Gilbert Dennis

Garrett always gives these guys day’s off day by day is his famous line, he needs to work them guys and work them hard for Friging up in these games and embarrassing them selfs and the franchise. All I hear is how talented they are, well if that’s true we need to see it and not in just one game. It’s time to MAN UP and play football. And Dak get it right

William Hendrix

Go Mavericks!

William Hendrix

20 million a sack for the “ Hot Boy” …trash!

Angelina Coyne-Baeza

The cowboys are the best team they just need to pick it up

Tony Canaris

This is how you win . Run Ezekiel elliot 30 times but not on first down in beginning. Pass short on first down . Run on 2ndxand 3rd confusing defenses. After that start mixing it up when they set up for pass defense making them guess and go crazy . Then Ezikiel will have a 150 yard game and passing game will open up in 3rd and 4th quarters. Run a fullback ahead of Ezekiel either off left guard or sweep depending on defense alignment. Use no huddle with defense guessing and then you get am Austin, cooper and Witten on big plays downfield. A no huddle tires defense and makes them start guessing. Peyton manning was a master at no huddle

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