Courtland Sutton: ‘We are 0-2 in the last two games vs. the Raiders & we need to take care of that’ – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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Go broncos! I think we will win this week

Carter Weiss

Most underrated in the league 💪🏻


Sutton is a beast!!

    ply boi

    They missed up he’s missing a pro bowl

Flippant Booch

i hate the chargers , raiders and specially the chiefs too lmaoo


    Only thing I hate more is their loudmouth fans 😂

Karma Cameron

GO Denver

Edit : who ever disliked the video is a rival

Uso Penitentiary

I’m trying to figure out who the person was in the comments during the offseason that said that Tim Patrick was going to have a better year than Sutton this year

    The Discussion

    Jerome Schulz 😂

    Str8 Enzo

    Alot of idiots out there

Klaus Klaus

We cant let the raiders get into the playoffs!!!

Hugh Jass

Got a courtland Sutton jersey for Christmas, that’s the good luck charm🐐🐐🐐

Bobby Tucker

Go broncos!!!!!!! But i know how this goes ……broncos will be 0-3 vs the raiders

    Bobby Tucker

    @OvO917 his first year was better this got injured and came back to jaw rock these teams lock injured his thumb wasnt even broken and was out almost the whole year come on and no this was mahomes first actual snow game sure he’s played in cold weather but never snow like that made it look easy …or is it because my Broncos are from the dollar store …… know when they do the player line-up and say their name and collage or state the Broncos should be honest …….. Like this……

    Drew lock – dollar General

    Chris Harris jr. – family dollar

    Von Miller – dollar tree

    Garrett Bowles – everything 99 cents

    List goes on and on

    Bobby Tucker

    @OvO917 dont get me wrong the man can throw a deep ball one of the best in the nfl but he either over throws or under throws but my question really is what if he totally sucks with the raiders game then what ??? Because by now he should have the whole team down to plays to whatever what if he totally sucks then what ?

    tiny rick

    @Bobby Tucker if you are a Broncos fan and you’re talking about our players like that then go cheer for the Chiefs. Real fans dont need your toxicity my dude

    Bobby Tucker

    @tiny rick its not my fault elway spent tens of dollars on players


    Bobby Tucker you are the most pessimistic broncos fan ever and don’t say you’re being realistic because your not you can’t say we like loosing if we like Drew Lock when he is 3-1 and breaking records, blowing out playoff teams in his first 4 games

that kneegerboii

Hopefully we can get Micah parsons/aj Espinoza or the lb from Clemson in the first round, a true 2nd receiver that is reliable in the 2nd round, a good LT in the 3rd round. An we should atleast make a wildcard. Also Omar bayless wouldn’t be too bad with one of our later picks could become something serious, has some concerns with separation, can catch in traffic, has good footwork, would be good to have on deep routes.

Anthony Abeyta

Plzzzz change you’re number

    Shawn Edmond

    why you say change he’s number for

    ply boi

    Yea why ??? What number should he have then ???

Derek Wright

Nothing hurts more then losing to the raiders

    Spider 2 Y Banana

    Raiders swept the Chargers and will sweep the Broncos.

    Derek Wright

    Spider 2 Y Banana are rookie qb already better then Carr

    Spider 2 Y Banana

    @Derek Wright You might be right LOL.

    Fish and Pheasant

    Spider 2 Y Banana we swept the chargers too not a big accomplishment.

jay dagoat

Sutton should’ve been in the pro bowl 😤❗

Michael Crabtree

Courtland sutton needs to step up the game for the denver broncos. Bring the intensity and the fire. Get wide open catch the ball,turn and burn the raiders. Be consistent and score score score!!!! Go Broncos!!!

Shot Creator

He had 120 yards receiving. So hopefully more of the same if not better and a TD to go with it


I really———–really ! ———-like this young man, & I STILL cannot believe Jerry Jones let him slip by. What a colossal error. ————This is a good young man.——————————–WolfSky9, 73 y/o

Aaron Weaver

We will beat the raiders. On god. And come back next year and take over the afc


GOAT coming soon

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