Counting down the Broncos’ top 10 offensive plays of the 2019 season – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
alex shumaker

Next year is the year fs. We got it.

SCU Productions

When do we get defense?


We got this next season

Noni Leon

Sutton is somethin’

Zachary Couch

#1 will be Drew Locks 1st TD Pass (1 handed By Sutton)

Lion 23

Risner be celebrating 🥳 🤣😂


    Lion 23 dalton was responsible for that TD he pulled phil up and over lmaoo

Jacob Himes

Did you guys hear we have a chance of getting tom brady if he leaves the pats man that would be crazy but we need to switch to the blue Jerseys cause he wouldnt look right in orange lol go Broncos

Christopher Kramer

Lock is the ONE

Santiago López

Sanders reception against the bears in week 2 ?!?

Aaron Sibs

Great edit. Where’s the outro beat doe?

Aaron Burke

Dalton was an amazing pick. I love his spirit.

Tim H

No surprise best offensive play and we’re wearing the royal blue shirts which I’ve always considered lucky for us…watch Sutton go next season, will be one of the best WR’s.

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