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Mysterious Man??

First!! Casey you fiiiiiine ๐Ÿ™‚

Snelly Pham

I love SHAQ but no Suh or Paul…thats a wrap

    Jay Els

    Snelly Pham yep. Folk ready to throw all this cash to a one year guy but suh is what created everything


Could? Yes. They can even go punter 1st round. But will they?

Evan Blythe

I could let nassib walk if we pick up an edge in the 3rd or 4th. JPP and Shaq are must resigns. When JPP got back in the rotation there was a noticable improvement on an already stellar DLine.

    C Los

    Evan Blythe JPP returning helped free Shaq up late season after teams started keying in on him

    Evan Blythe

    @C Los well said. I saw an interview with JPP where he said he wanted a more substantial role on the field not as much as a rotational guy. I know hes getting older but it didnt look like breaking his neck cost him a step.

Levi Harrison

Music is annoying. Go Bucs


We are the most incompetent organization in the NFL smh… we are talking about edge rushers and QBs rather than O line sooooooooo dumb

    Live Love Life

    Its called draft

    Ethan Young

    But they win games. You donโ€™t have to draft o line

    cam Mitch

    U have one of the highest paid o-lines in NFL and they were not the problem last year but we do need a right tackle

Live Love Life

I hope tua fall in the bucs lap

Ric H

DO NOT DRAFT A QB!!!!……Bring in a Proven Free Agent QB. In 43 years the Bucs have Never Drafted a QB that worked out for us. Yes, they have gone to other Teams and won, but they were Trash in Tampa. Trade our #14 Pick and O J Howard for a GOOD Quarterback. Or if they are already a FA cut Winston and use that money to sign someone else. Bridgewater, Minshew, Foles, Rivers, Stafford, Taysome Hill and Dalton are all an improvement over Winston. Winston is a great Talent, but can’t protect the ball.

    A A

    Ric H Do you really think Trent Dilfer was better than Jameis??? You know Peyton Manning threw more picks than Jameis in his first 5 seasons so why are you making me tell you again???

    Ric H

    @A A Let me guess…You still owe Jameis money from the last time we talked. Peyton made the playoffs twice in that 5 year span and threw 31 more TD’s than Winson in that same Span. Jameis is a Bust who can’t protect the ball. Like I said before….You are either Jameis using a Fake name, you owe him money or you are related to him.There is no other explanation for you to defend him so vehemently.

    cam Mitch

    U don’t have to trade the pick or oj to get teddy rivers hill or Dalton now i will trade oj for stafford

B Loggins

you guys need a new A/V technician

B Loggins

no way on melvin gordon arians already has said he wont overpay for RBs chances are we draft a RB to pair with rojo


If the defense is gonna improve and be like the 49ers we gotta get a top Edge rusher if not we get to the playoffs needing to score over 20 ppg.

Cameron D

Watching from Arizona ๐Ÿ™‚


Casey looks STUNNING.

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