Coming From Behind vs. Colts, How to Deal With Detroit & More | The Bruce Arians Show – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Coming From Behind vs. Colts, How to Deal With Detroit & More | The Bruce Arians Show

Head Coach Bruce Arians joins Team Reporter Casey Phillips to discuss the comeback victory against the Colts, what to expect from the Lions and more on this week's episode.

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After Asteroid Survivor

Besides Pat Peterson, what other free agents are we going to sign in 2020?🤔

    Jonathan Neal

    Would be nice to get Trent Williams and to move D.Smith to right tackle

    After Asteroid Survivor

    Jonathan Neal That would be great. We need a decent offensive line to see if JW is the qb of the future.

    Jonathan Neal

    @After Asteroid Survivor fair enough. Franchise Winston let him prove he is a franchise QB. It sucks we let the Giants,Titans, and Seahawks games slip away.

    After Asteroid Survivor

    Jonathan Neal Franchise tag is best option. With the 2021 draft stocked with QB’s, we will have several options to select a future franchise QB if JW flops. Adding Trent and another free agent veteran O-lineman would remove any JW excuse on picks and fumbles.
    In the words of Tallahassee,
    Time to nut up or shut up.

    Jonathan Neal

    @After Asteroid Survivor I agree no more excuses. How about going after Janoris Jenkins if we can get him for little or nothing?

Parish D

That’s my coach! Loving the culture change Bruce has brought in, let’s finish the season strong!

King Bucs

i live in michigan but my dad was born in tampa love this team till i die. cant wait to watch a live bucs game in a year now. we gonna stomp all over the lions go bucs

Steve Munoz

idk about nicest team in the league more like nicest qb in the league cuz the hands the other team the football

    SK Simmons

    Lol other players have fumbled or bobbled the ball in key moments as well. OJ Howard, Ronald Jones, Ogunbawale, etc. Nicest Team.

    Steve Munoz

    SK Simmons those other players don’t lead the league in handing the ball over to other teams


JW loves the other team… he throws interceptions and fumbles and gives them 10-17 points all thanks to him lol

Lon Landis

Love watching the friendly, humorous dad (BA) talking w his daughter (Casey) who laughs at all his funny one-liners!!😄

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