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Coffee with Coach: Week 17 Vikings

Lauren Screeden sits down with head coach Matt Nagy ahead of Sunday's game against the Minnesota Vikings

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Max Kraus

Should be vodka with coach after last week

Alex Hauschild

what’s the outro song you use?

Whisky Cat Gaming


Brian K

Hemlock with coach

Thomas The Great

Coach question— do regret not playing the starters in the preseason… the offense obviously needed the practice


Nagy answers questions like he runs his offense…boring!

Emperor Penguin

Play backups, if you dont youre endangering your best players for no reason whatsoever


Since your starting quarterback can’t read a defense, why not try to run the ball?

    J Dolo

    Bc he cant design or call run plays.

    Moe Snert

    Poor online lack of power back (jordan Howard)

J Dolo

Can you please let someone else call plays….or quit!

J Dolo

Chase Daniel…smh. hurry up and fired this guy please!!! Who wears a visor in chicago xmas time???

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