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Coaches Show: Nagy, Pagano talk Chiefs

Head coach Matt Nagy and defensive coordinator Chuck Pagano talk to host Jeff Joniak on the Chicago Bears Coaches Show.

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Stop Motion God


George Lewis

Love you bears!



    Mirza Baig

    @PRHILL9696 I will give you the Kicker and the Tight End. Mack simply needs to step up. Because he has proven himself. We could use more pass rushers. But if you Truly believe Mitch lost us that game..i can’t help you! He was most of the reason we still had a chance. And Montgomery is fine. Every yard he’s gained this year is on his own. You must have noticed we have 3 God awful offensive linemen in Massie, Leno, and the Cowhard kid. Switching the pro bowl center Whitehair to play Daniels at Center before the season wrecked the cohesiveness we had on offense last year. We made the switch back way too late. The rust was there on some of those shotgun snaps by Whitehair for a couple of games but Whitehair is much better at calling out protections and sacks came down well except for Leno whiffing on every block and collecting stupid penalties. Those are the real issues. Believe me..i know my it or not. I play every year Pop Warner to senior year. Had to forgo a scholarship due to family illness but have been fortunate to be a successful defensive coordinator for my old high school 20 years. Trust me I know the game and and even though I have my own scheme. I’m not so arrogant like Coach Nagy to not play to the strengths of the kids I have for each season


    @Mirza Baig Mitch is clearly a bust though. Just once before I die I want to see a real Qb playing for this damn franchise

    Mirza Baig

    @PRHILL9696 I’m gonna tell you one last time. The numbers don’t support Mitch being a bust.. Does he have room to improve absolutely. Career 2 to 1 interceptions ratio is considered good QB in this league with more yardage borderline elite. Mitch straight out said what the issue with the offense is. The O Line and not moving the pocket. You can’t be a pure pocket passer in this O line. And Mitch is an athlete…by God use it. Nagys playcalling and dropped passes have scapegoats Mitch this year. He has missed some passes yes. It’s football. And believe me I had season tickets to the Bears up until 2010 season. And there has been God awful QB play here. But we missed a dynasty in the 80s. McMahon couldn’t stay healthy. Ditka created an unnecessary QB controversy here in Chicago. Ditkas boy was Mike Tomczak the most inconsistent QB ever here besides Jay Cutler you know. When McMahon was run out of town Harbaugh got a shot played well but Ditka was always on Harbaughs case just to put Tomczak back in. Yes we won the division a bunch of times but could not get to the Super Bowl because of it. You are an angry Bears fan..i get it. But also understand Nagy says it takes 5 years to learn the offense. Mitch is about to end year 2. If an offense is that complex you gotta play pre season. I think Mitch is fine with knowing the plays. But the scheme Nagy wants is built for Chase Daniels Alex Smith types pocket passers. These new. breed QBs like Mitch Watson, and Mahomes are exciting. None of them are pure pocket passers. They are athletes. If Mahomes or Watson were here they would be facing the same struggles held back by Nagy and our offensive line. I rest my case. Give Mitch a chance he has the tools. Remember Brett Favre gave Mike Holmgren sleepless nights then won a Super Bowl when Holmgren figured out what he had. Bear Down!


    @Mirza Baig He cant read defenses. he cant learn the playbook. he is not accurate. Yes those things make him a bust

    Mirza Baig

    @PRHILL9696 As I said earlier he has missed some throws. But he’s not a turnover machine. Yes there is room to grow. And these last several weeks I can prove that he can go through the progressions. Alot of the playbook is first read designed..meaning get ball out quick and is predicated on yards after the catch. The last 5 games Mitch has gone deep to a ton of success most deep routes are not first read. Mitchs career completion % is 65% which is good. Sometimes it’s not always about the 40 yard play but simply moving the Chains and Nagy fails situational short yardage playcalling as a whole..Really watch the Tape Never Lies. And I mean really watch. You are clouded by years of disappointment and I understand


Fire him, he’s destroyed this team

    Damon Kostroun

    John fox and pacd destroyed this team, hes trying to put it back together


    bear fans are so dumb no wonder this franchises spits on them lol

Dont forget ZakVEVO

Nagy needs to get Demoted or Fired, HIRE RON RIVERA!!!

    nicholas gerdak

    Dont forget ZakVEVO he has made poor decisions, but that’s part of any coaches growth. Nagy does runs the ball when it’s effective, see last year, but our olines inability to open any sort of holes is killing us. I agree he needs to move the online more and let Trubisky use his legs, but when he sits down and evaluates the season over the offseason, he’ll see it.
    IMO, we need a new O-line coach, a veteran to challenge Mitch, and a pass rusher opposite Mack to get pressure on the QB

    Lenny James

    Bears made playoffs 8 times in last 30years! We need NEW GM! Nagy can stay if he gives up the PLAYCALLING!


    Ron is another piece of trash so yes he is perfect for this team


    the QB is GARBAGE that is the problem


    @My96XJ Exactly

chris L

team took a giant step back, just lose out and work on the off season. shut everyone banged up down and bring in some young bucks and see what youngsters can play in the NFL

    nicholas gerdak

    chris L that gives the message that the coaches are quitting on the season. We still have a chance to ruin the Vikings run at division winners (in the event Green Bay loses), and sweep them on the year. That’s enough to play for.

    E36_318ti BEAMERBOY

    nicholas gerdak yeah exactly the season isn’t over they would at least try to play for a winning record


    Should have done that two months ago

Sawyer Smith 509


Tony Brown


Levi Harrington

Fire Pagano!! Everyone on defense regressed how Is that possible all in the same year? Crap coaching

    Alex Holt

    Levi Harrington Did you expect the exact same defense as last year? Last year was an anomaly. They’re still a top 10 defense.

    Suspicious Salmon

    And also people have off years, look at Robbie Gould or Kurt Warner


    You must be a packer fan


    Correct. Only three teams blitz less than us.


    bears are number one in the NFC so yes I can see why bear fans want him gone because bears fans hate winning

Lenny James

I like Nagy But like win also so he needs give up playcalling!!!! packer game play calling suckedass

    Lenny James

    @PRHILL9696 LOOK this up facts! In Last 30years BEARS Made Playoffs 8 TIMES! Com’on Man BEARS Got MOSSED


    @Lenny James I know the bears history sucks

    Lenny James

    NO 8 TIME NOT 3 But in 30 year 8 with last still WTF

    Lenny James

    @PRHILL9696 MY bad 8times in 30YEARS with last year

    Lenny James

    @Suspicious Salmon my bad its 8times in last 30years with last year under nagy! But think 30years 8 times! if do math if you live full life to 80 you wont see super b….

Lenny James

Dan&O’B Right about this team!!!! if that best they can do playing Hard! Than this team suck big time!!!


    I hate this bears team more than any other and they have all sucked for decades

el indio

Upgrade tht o line. We need play makers in defense. We need a good kicker also to kick thm field goals in tight games….next game up

Suspicious Salmon

MOST UNDER APPRECIATED COACH IN THE LEAGUE. Calls great plays, O line can’t block, causes Mitch to get pressured so he has to check down and we only get 2 yards.
Runs the ball in the Saints game, we fumble twice and gain negative yards so he goes to something that’s actually working, passing. all of Chicago attacks him for not running the ball. tries to forcefully run the ball in the packers game, all of chicago attacks him cause our O line can’t block.




Its obvious why the bears have done everything to never win a super bowl its because it is named after a Packer coach

    Mason Wright

    PRHILL9696 no


    @Mason Wright yes


Fire Pace, Nagy and Pagano. hire a more aggressive DC, and an OC that runs a sensible gameplan that plays to his players strengths. Build that OL. Sign Jameis Winston – #1 in yards, #2 in TDs, #1 in sacks and INTs .. we can fix that with a decent line.

Joseph Archer

Man you mf company to damn much



Marcel Lima

O think Mitch will be just fine. We can add a “U” TE on the draft. I agree 100% with some of you guys, the O line is the main reason we regressed so much on offense. The problem is we just gave Leno and Massie new contracts, dont know if will be easy to get out of those. Plus we need a OG unless Bars prove he can do it.

Dwayne Ballard

Man spend every dollar they have on offensive line please Trent Williams is a dog 🐕 release Leno before the plane ✈️ ride home week 16

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